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Skills for Care is focused on adult social care in England. We hope that our website clearly explains what you need to know but if you require any additional support, please contact us. 

Our head office based in Leeds:

Skills for Care
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How to find us in Leeds and London.

Main reception 

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. To direct your call to the relevant team, please listen to the options before choosing. 

Phone number:  0113 245 1716 

Fax: 0113 243 6417 

For further information about our specialist teams, please read below.

You can also contact your local area team.

You can also contact us via our online form.

Skills for Care advises on induction requirements and what qualifications can help employers to develop staff, as well as helping fund adult social care employers to cover some of the costs of qualifications. 

We promote products and services that help care organisations around workforce issues, from finding and keeping workers and information about new ways of working that can be adapted by your business. 

For those looking to work in care, we promote the best routes into the sector but we do not recruit on behalf of other care organisations or directly arrange Apprenticeships.

Please note that we do not deliver training or directly fund training companies. 

To learn more about Skills for Care and how we can help you, see the What we do page or e-mail or phone 0113 241 1275.  We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Please note that the majority of enquiries we regularly receive can be answered by referring to our comprehensive resources on our website.  These include:

  • Registered Manager Qualifications: Recommended qualifications for those considering becoming a Registered Manager are stated in our Recommendations for CQC Providers Guide: Care Management and Leadership Section
  • Care Certificate: For CQC regulated providers, this is the new minimum standards that should be covered as part of induction training of new care workers.  All information and materials are available from here (hard copies of these resources are not available).
  • Induction Related Training: What training should be undertaken to help support induction processes and issues related to refresher training are available from our Recommendations for CQC Providers Guide: Inducting Care Workers and Induction Related Training Sections
  • Care Act: The new Care Act was introduced in April 2015.  Skills for Care has developed some free materials to help local authorities and other care organisations to plan for the changes that are needed and provide training around these.
  • Starting a new care organisation.  Our website includes some information about what employers should consider about developing their new workforce.  The Recommendations for CQC Providers Guide is a practical resource to assist employers.  Skills for Care cannot advise around non-workforce development issues and such questions should be directed to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • Training Providers: Skills for Care does not directly deliver any training.  Our Choosing Workforce Learning Guidance recommends what to consider when choosing a training company and the National Skills Academy for Social Care Endorsement programme promotes some high quality training companies.
  • Funding: Skills for Care currently promotes to sources of funding.  For people who who employ their own personal care and support, our Individual Employer Funding Application process can be considered.  For care organisations, it may be possible to reclaim a contribution towards the cost of formal Qualification Credit Framework qualifications via our Workforce Development Fund.
  • Assessed and Supported Year in Employment: Skills for Care provide information about this process for Newly Qualified Social Workers from our website section for Adult ASYE and Children and Family ASYE.  All employers involved in the ASYE process are strongly advised to sign up for our Social Work Briefing.
  • Career in Social Care: Skills for Care has produced a comprehensive information about different roles in care and different routes into care work that others have followed in our Think Care Careers website resource.  We do not advertise on behalf of care organisations and cannot find individuals places to work.  However, those interested in joining an Apprenticeship can read about this and see what the National Apprenticeship Service are currently advertising for from this webpage.
  • Employing your own care and support: We have produced a number of free resources to help those individuals who choose to direct employ care personal assistants to support their needs.  These resources help the individual employer to consider what training and developing their carers would benefit from.
  • National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC): You can access the system and learn more about the benefits of using NMDS-SC from our website section.  Any issues relating to logging into the system, should be directed to
  • Healthcare: Skills for Care support adult social care organisations, including residential care homes, domiciliary care, community based organisations, user-led organisations etc.  We cannot advise on healthcare so GP surgeries, dental practices and hospitals should refer to the Skills for Health for advice.
  • Children Social Care: Skills for Care is focused largely on adult social care and cannot currently advise around qualifications, inductions, carers, social work or other matters relating to children social care.  We have a limited involvement in the publishing and certification of children Apprenticeships.  For all other matters, we would recommend those interested in children social care to contact the Department of Education
  • Regulation: Skills for Care does not regulate care organisations.  If you wish to contact the regulator, please refer your enquiry to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The CQC can advise on their essential standards, inspection processes, registration process for providers / registered managers and concerns that you may have with a regulated care organisation.

Skills for Care produces the certificates for training providers once Apprenticeship qualifications are complete. Our Apprenticeship certification team should be contacted if you wish to arrange a new certificate, have questions related to them or wish make payment for them. Please e-mail

To contact the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) support service for help with all queries regarding registering, updating and accessing your NMDS-SC account please call 0845 873 0129 or email

You can contact our marketing team If you require any of the documents on our website in an alternative format. Also if you have any website related queries, you are encountering technical problems or would like to give us some feedback on our website - please contact  

For media enquiries please contact our Media & Public Affairs Manager Paul Clarke on 0113 241 1297 or email

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Skills for Care has a duty to act legally, fairly, responsibly and reasonably. It is Skills for Care's aim to give the best possible service in all areas of our work. To enable us to provide the best possible services, we need to know how you feel about how we do our work.

We are delighted to receive feedback about how our work is helping you but we also like to know where we can do things better. When we get something wrong, we need to know so that we can put it right. 

For more information see our feedback page.

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