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With lots of different roles and plenty of opportunities to progress, social care is a great choice for people who are thinking about their career. 

We have lots of information and resources to help teachers and careers advisors to promote social care as a positive career choice. 

You can request a pack from us to help you do this; it includes a poster and leaflets to help you promote careers in care, and an outline of how we can help you. 


I Care...Ambassadors work in social care and provide a range of careers activities to promote careers in social care, including:

  • presentations or talks
  • interactive group activities
  • having an information stand at a careers fayre
  • supporting work experience opportunities
  • mentoring people who are new to social care
  • guided workplace visits
  • participation in publicity and media activities.

I Care...Ambassadors offer current, accurate information, which will help you to provide good careers and employment advice about working in social care.

They can also do sessions for teachers and careers advisors to help you understand more about social care. 


Think Care Careers has lots of information about working in social care including routes into the sector, Apprenticeships and different job roles. 


There is also a section for teachers and careers advisors with lots of information about how we can help you promote careers in social care.

We can send you a pack of leaflets and posters to help you promote careers in social care. Email marketing@skillsforcare.org.uk to request a pack. 

Think social care provides an overview of social care. 

Job roles in adult social care shows the different jobs you could do in social care and what qualifications and experience you need. 

A guide for potential apprentices has useful information about doing a social care Apprenticeship. 


We produce reports about the social care workforce at national and local level. You can read more about the sector, including data from your local area, in our Size and structure of the adult social care sector report. 

Here are some useful stats from our latest report.

  • In 2015, there were 1.55 million jobs in the adult social care sector, across 19,300 organisations.
  • We estimate we'll need more workers to fill an extra 275,000 jobs by 2025, an increase of 18%. 


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