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Learn from London Self-Directed Support Forum

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London Self-Directed Support Forum are offering you the opportunity to hear how they run this independent network of people who deal with frontline issues in self-directed support across social care and health.

London Self-Directed Support Forum is an independent network of people who deal with frontline issues in self-directed support in both social and health care.

They bring together and share best practice among London direct payment services and self-directed support staff in local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and the voluntary and independent sector. 

They're offering to share their experience of running the Forum for over 20 years and the unique benefits it brings. They can:

- Lead a session describing the Forum and its strengths and explore how you could do similarly your area.

- Lead a technical session for organisations that support people who employ personal assistants (PAs) on some of the practical issues PA employers face.

- Facilitate a half-day event, adding external speakers to the sessions above, exploring areas of practical expertise, tailoring it to your area and the particular issues you face.

They’ve been running for over 20 years, largely through volunteers whose own everyday work is in self directed support. They have built up considerable expertise and experience in running events, keeping up to date with developing issues and maintaining a lively programme of topics and speakers. As an independent network, they’re proud of their ability to question and highlight issues that their practical expertise tells them aren’t necessarily going to plan and then try to find solutions.

They’re keen to point out that they will not override local expertise. On the contrary, they’d like to support existing services to work better together having themselves seen the benefit of meeting regularly to discuss, network and learn.

If this is something you would be interested in please contact Peter Gay at the London SDS Forum by emailing