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Finders Keepers

We've created a practical toolkit to help providers improve their own recruitment and retention activities


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Care worker talking to individual who needs care and support

The right values

We've developed tools to support values-based recruitment for social care.
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Employing PAs

We've created a toolkit to help indiviual employers recruit their own care and support staff

Sector based work academies

New videos to show how sector based work academies have supported recruitment for the sector.
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The demand for adult social care is set to rise due to the ageing population. The size of the adult social care workforce will have to increase significantly to meet this demand. By 2025 we may need up to a million extra workers.

To meet this challenge employers will need to have good recruitment plans that can help lead to higher rates of retention.

If you take the time to attract the right people with the right values, and carry out a thorough recruitment process, you are more likely to retain better quality staff for longer. Similarly, a good system for keeping staff can attract people to your organisation.

Attracting and retaining the right staff leads to better outcomes for the people who use your service, which leads in turn to a better reputation. So there is a strong business case for taking more time to consider your recruitment and retention.

In this section you will find a series of resources to help you find and keep workers.

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Latest employment initiatives

Find out more about government initiatives

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Free practical toolkits 

View our resources to help find and keep staff

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I Care... Ambassadors

Raising the profile of careers in adult social care 

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Pre-employment training

Support to help recruit unemployed people 

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