Finding and keeping workers

Recruitment and retention resources for adult social care


Finding and keeping workers supports adult social care providers of all sizes with their recruitment and retention challenges. Through our network of employers we have gathered a range of resources which share good practice from across the whole of adult social care. All of this information has been grouped into four key themes which are detailed below. Click into the themes below to find out more.

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The recruitment and retention strategy


Finding and keeping workers supports the implementation of the adult social care recruitment and retention strategy 2014-2017. The strategy provides an overview of what has been achieved and ambitions for the future.

What are you looking for?

Using targeted recruitment strategies to build strong relationships in the community.

Finding staff with the right skills, values and talent to work in social care.

Providing effective induction, training and career progression for staff.

Ensuring a positive workplace culture to keep staff for longer.

Resources to help you

Immigration and care providers

Presentation on right to work checks, as well as examples of current forgery trends.

How to make 'right to work' checks

A short video on checking and keeping a record of employee documents.

How to carry out a 'right to work' check

A 3-step guide to checking and keeping a record of your employees' documents.

Automatic enrolment

Information about automatic enrolment for those who employ workers for their own care and support.

Workplace pensions

As a result of automatic enrolment, millions of people now have a workplace pension. Find out how this applies to you.

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