Nadia Clarke

Nadia ClarkeBest individual employer who employs their own care and support staff

What the verifier said…

Nadia has been employing personal assistants since she was eight years old ably supported by her family. Now, as a young adult, Nadia, who has a great deal of insight into her likes, dislikes and how she wants to be treated, is learning to manage her support herself to become truly independent.

With the support of her family, personal assistants and communication support workers, Nadia is able to recruit, induct and manage her staff to ensure they are supporting her in a way that she needs.

Ensuring her staff have the right skills is important to Nadia who will make sure that her PAs receive suitable training from, not only professionals, but will also provide training herself particularly on her communication aid.

Nadia is an inspiration to the people who work with her and her family, and it is clear that she makes a real difference to the lives of her PAs. By working with Nadia many have gained valuable experiences including international travel, conferences, skills and knowledge which has helped them to go on to work as interpreters, occupational therapists and teachers.

One of Nadia’s communications workers described her has ‘a people person’, who ‘is kind and thoughtful about the needs of her employees.’

What the judges said...

Nadia, who is 23, profoundly deaf and who has Cerebral Palsy, impressed the judges with her focus and knowing very clearly on what she is looking for from her staff. They loved that she is encouraging to her team and provides emotional support for her PAs too. She constantly talks about team work and the importance of relationships was another thing that struck the judges.

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