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Sonnet Care HomesMost effective approach to leadership and management

What the verifier said…

Leaders and managers at Sonnet have undoubtedly travelled a significant journey of cultural transformation in the last two years in progressing marked improvements in the quality of care. Such outcomes are attributed to the inspirational, innovatory and engaging approaches to effective leadership that have been adopted, both in order to improve organisational performance and bring about widespread behaviour change across the workforce.

Sonnet’s success has been driven by an un-relenting focus on developing effective leadership values, behaviours and attitudes using the ‘Judgement Index’ diagnostic tool to bring rigour to this endeavour. The core values model ‘Kindness, Comfort, Respect’ (KCR) has been the energising force behind the creative leadership strategies employed to actively engage staff, stakeholders and users of services in the organisation’s improvement efforts.

Collaborative KCR Forums are used to tackle shared challenges with great results, and the KCR Stars scheme simply celebrates those small successes which often go unnoticed, but mean the most to the Sonnet residents who are at the heart of its mission.

What the judges said...

The judges recognised that Sonnet Care Homes have a good whole team approach, with innovative approaches to assessment, recruitment and learning and development to ensure staff have the right values and behaviours. The judges particularly liked the use of Sonnet Care Homes own culture and values programme to ensure that resident-led, person-centred care is at the heart of everything they do.

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