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Vida HealthcareBest employer of under 250 staff

Winner of Winners

What the verifier said….

The team at Vida Healthcare embody a passion and commitment to the delivery of person-centred support in a homely setting which encapsulates the needs of not only the people using the service, but the people delivering the service, where  everyone is considered unique. 

They have developed a management structure which allows the senior team to focus on the key competencies, core skills of their team and the ‘Vida Factor’ – the ethos which underpins how they operate and how they support people – was demonstrated by everyone we spoke to.

They demonstrate a commitment to innovation and service improvement through their involvement in a wide variety of programs, from therapeutic interventions such as puppet therapy, pet and doll therapies, research projects and student placement opportunities in many different roles and from many different backgrounds such as someone undertaking an MA in Drama.   

Vida Hall utilise innovative approaches in recruitment, learning and development and support and mentoring for staff on the job and senior staff lead from the front.  Supervision and appraisal processes support a no blame culture where staff are confident to report mistakes, supported to put them right and to learn from them. 

What the judges said...

Vida’s energy and enthusiasm impressed the judges immensely. Vida were obviously deeply committed to their task, with judges expressing thoughts such as ‘we would like to work for an organisation that says "we want our staff to stay and become experts in their field" (dementia). They impressed us by their openness to new ideas, welcoming in experts to help staff develop their knowledge and skills. Their advert that began "It's about lighting up a room ...." helping to convey the passion and commitment they wanted in their staff.’ 


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