National recruitment campaign

The adult social care sector in England has struggled for many years to recruit and retain sufficient staff to meet growing demand. Despite interventions, for many employers, vacancy and turnover rates have increased steadily as general unemployment rates have fallen, competition from other sectors has risen and all the while demand for adult social care services continues to grow. 

A national recruitment campaign for the adult social care sector in England, delivered locally, is proposed as one potential solution to the issues experienced by the sector.

As the cost of a national recruitment campaign is expected to be considerable, Skills for Care will be undertaking a multi-faceted scoping study with the aim of:

  • Gauging support and demand for a recruitment campaign from employers and other key stakeholders in the sector.
  • Describing what a successful recruitment campaign might look like, its characteristics and key success factors.
  • Understanding what a ‘national recruitment campaign – delivered locally’ might mean, how this might work in practice, and the likely challenges and key success factors.
  • Learning and applying lessons from successful and unsuccessful recruitment campaigns run in other sectors or at other times.
  • Exploring the scope and parameters of the recruitment campaign – its aims and objectives, output targets, intended outcomes and impacts, stakeholders, audiences, segmentation, content, channels, methods, messages and delivery model (including procurement).
  • Estimating the cost of the preferred model and exploring options for funding and sustainability (including employer contributions).

How to get involved

There are two routes for you to be involved in this work:

As part of this scoping exercise, Skills for Care is looking for opportunities to engage with employers and sector stakeholders at national and local levels during the month of January 2018. 

(The timescale for the consultation remains fixed to the month of January 2018 so that we can collate all strands of the work into a final report by February 2018.)  We are currently preparing a survey which will be available on our website from the start of January 2018.

Please direct your contacts to share their views and complete the survey after this date.

We also want to raise the concept of the national recruitment campaign at relevant meetings and ask whether or not you could include this as an agenda item to raise awareness and signpost interested parties to our website and survey.

Additionally, we may be able to provide support to help facilitate a seminar/workshop approach in terms of identifying key Skills for Care local area/national staff to help deliver these sessions.  Please contact (Lindsey Hanson) or call 0113 241 0962 by 11 December if you would like to explore this option.

One part of this study is a Rapid Evidence Review (RER) to explore the following key questions:

  • What do ‘national’ campaigns delivered ‘locally’ look like, how do they work in practice and what challenges do they face?
  • What evidence of effectiveness is available?
  • What are the lessons associated with effective campaigns?

How can you get involved?

We are looking for any relevant published or unpublished evidence or information, which might help inform the evidence review and answer the questions above including:

  • relevant data and statistics
  • research and evaluation by academics, sector-bodies, government departments and consultancies
  • previous evidence reviews in this area
  • primary research and evaluation studies from the UK
  • grey literature (i.e. unpublished studies) from the UK.

If you can contribute research to this RER then please send copies of research studies to the lead consultant from Consilium, Andy Parkinson, using or speak to Andy directly on 07713 357386.

If you prefer to speak to Skills for Care, or would like further information on either the review or the broader scoping study, please contact




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