Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities

This programme aims to help leaders and managers  explore the challenges and opportunities of a community-based approach to leadership. It's aimed at senior leaders and clinicians across health and social care who want to be part of a movement for change.

By taking part you’ll learn how to grow and nurture capacity in local communities to improve health and wellbeing and ensure better outcomes for people who need care and support.

You’ll be encouraged to think about the value of your community’s role in health and social care and the role of public service leadership in shaping the communities that citizens need and want.

What does the programme contain?

A series of one-day workshops, action learning sets, one-to-one leadership coaching sessions, a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis of personality style and a specialist 360 degree feedback diagnostic.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about best practice as well as developing the leadership skills required to embed co-production into organisations and enable strong ane empowered communities to grow and flourish. 

The 2017/18 programme dates are as follows:  

6 July 2017, 28 September 2017, 9&10 November 2017 (residential), 25 January 2018 and 14 March 2018. .

Please note that the registration process for the 2017/18 programme has now closed. 

Our partners

Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities is a joint venture between Skills for Care, Thames Valley and Wessex NHS Leadership Academy, the Department of Health and Social Care, Think Local Act Personal, ADASS and the Local Government Association.