A sense of identity

Culture for Care:
A sense of identity

People who work within positive workplace cultures are more likely to benefit from a united sense of identity and a feeling of belonging. This can encourage loyalty to the employer and collaborative team working. The commitment to work together is of particular value where staff work alone or in pairs in individual's own homes, but who need to work as part of a wider team to ensure continuity of care and support.


Mary is a lady in her 70s who has lived with multiple sclerosis for many years. She employs six PAs, and five of them have been working with her for well over three years. She recently received a national award for ‘best small employer’ and was asked what factors she thought contributed to her winning this award.

“I firmly believe that my PAs stay because my situation offers them something quite different; with all our personalities and my various care requirements we constantly have to change our plans. Everyone invests in what we do, which is not just about working together to meet my care needs but also about everyone in our team fulfilling their own potential and personal goals. I try to support my staff as much as they support me!”

Suzanne, Mary’s longest serving PA, agreed with Mary, adding “She just creates such a wonderful atmosphere, it’s very special. I’d worked in several places before I joined Mary’s team and I’d never felt this sense of loyalty to my employer or my colleagues before. We’re all very proud to work for Mary, and this award is very well deserved!”

  • Why do you think Mary’s PAs like working with her?
  • What makes your workplace culture unique?
  • How do these characteristics help to develop a team spirit?
  • How do you think the outside world sees your culture?
  • How would you like the outside world to see your culture?
We want people to feel proud of us as their employer and about themselves and the things they achieve in their role. By nurturing a positive workplace culture we aim to achieve this.
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How to create a sense of identity in your workplace

By signing up to the Social Care Commitment.

The Social Care Commitment is an agreement from employers and employees in adult social care to improve workforce quality, by focusing on the values and behaviours needed to work in care.

By signing up, employers acknowledge their responsibility for ensuring workforce quality, opening up to a more transparent way of working. It focuses on key issues such as upholding dignity, staff development, and whistleblowing. Once people have made their commitment they are supported by a range of resources that can help them make the changes necessary to deliver the improvements they need. It will also support them in identifying any gaps in training and learning and development. It’s a way of employers and employees mutually agreeing to take responsibility for driving up standards.

The Commitment, which involves signing up to a series of ‘I will…’ statements and tasks that put those statements into practice, is a Department of Health initiative that has been developed by the sector, so that it is fit for purpose and makes a real difference to those signing up.

For more information on the Social Care Commitment visit www.thesocialcarecommmitment.org.uk.

How it will help?
The Social Care Commitment can be a way of uniting the workforce and ensuring that everyone has committed to having the same values and behaviours in the workplace.

By signing up employers are promising to train and support staff to do their work properly and employees promise to put social care values into practice.

This can be a tangible way of ensuring that everyone understands what is expected of them and giving everyone a shared sense of identity. It also shows your commitment as a provider who wants to improve and develop your staff.

Once you have signed up you receive practical support in the form of employer and employee development plans that can be downloaded and have access to resources from across the sector.

It is imperative that our staff experience a positive workplace culture because it gives all our staff an identity, a sense of belonging, an ambition to do their very best, an opportunity to become who they can be and to work with others to make a difference to the lives of the people we support. We want our staff to really feel valued and proud of the organisation that they have chosen to be identified with and where they are investing their skills, energy and pride.
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Other resources to support you

The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)
The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) helps newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) to develop their skills, knowledge and capability and strengthen their professional confidence. It is based on the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) for social work and is certificated by the College of Social Work (TCSW).

Skills for Care’s Accolades recognise the best of the best in adult social care. They are not awarded to individual care workers but rather to organisations and employers who are committed to delivering high quality care and to developing their workforce. The Accolades also offer an opportunity to share best practice, so we can continue to make innovative improvements that make a difference to those who need care and support.


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