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The way you recruit, lead and manage staff is very important to the quality of care that people receive.

Your staff are the most valuable part of your organisation. Whether you are recruiting, developing or managing staff, our practical resources were written to help you get the best from people. They will also help you deal with problems when they come up. 

We have a variety of online tools that you can use to help you as a manager, including our People Performance Management Toolkit, which was developed with NHS Employers, the Social Care Commitment and the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC).

Our offline resources include helpful information about workforce planning and helping your staff through the Care Certificate.  

Registered managers handbook

This handbook contains eleven sections that can be used on their own, covering subjects like values, information quality, health and wellbeing, and regulation and inspection.

Our members receive a hardcopy of this handbook when they join our National Skills Academy.

Workforce planning

Workforce planning is essential for managers in order to provide high quality care and support. A good workforce plan will bring the right staff with the right knowledge, skills and values to your organisation. Our Practical approaches to workforce planning guide and workbook offer a clear way for organisations to develop a workforce plan.

The Care Certificate framework

As a registered manager you are responsible for ensuring that any workers new to the sector have the competence and knowledge to obtain the Care Certificate.

We have developed specific information for assessors or those arranging assessment in our resource The Care Certificate framework

Nominated as responsible

Nominated as responsible is handbook for you or the nominated individual you work with, which includes practical guidance.

Culture toolkit

Giving your staff an inclusive and empowering culture to work in is hugely important. Our culture toolkit provides activity sheets and good practice examples to embed a positive workplace culture in your organisation.

Leadership Qualities Framework

Use the Leadership Qualities Framework to see at a glance what good leadership looks like for people at different levels in your organisation.

LQF 360° assessment tool

Our 360° assessment tool is designed to help managers identify their leadership strengths and development needs.

You start by identifying where you think you perform well as a manager and where you think there is room for improvement. You then send the questionnaire to your employees, who answer the same questions about you anonymously.

You’ll receive a report providing insights into how your leadership behaviour is perceived by those around you. This allows you to better understand how your leadership style is affecting others and identify where you may need to develop. 

The 360° assessment maps to the Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF), a clear guide to what good leadership should look like in the sector.

If you are interested in using our 360° assessment tool, please email

People performance management toolkit

Good performance management makes a huge impact on the care that people receive. Intended for line managers, this toolkit includes information around the positive and difficult parts of managing your people.

Finding and keeping workers

Recruiting new staff can be expensive and time consuming. Finding and keeping workers will help you attract more people, take on the right people, increase skills and keep your staff.

The Social Care Commitment

You can show your commitment to quality care by signing the Social Care Commitment.

You can also use this tool to help you meet CQC standards. The employer tasks from the commitment correspond with the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry and can be used as evidence that you are providing high quality care.

Signing up your employees also helps make sure that you can prove your whole team and organisation is working towards the hightest quality. 

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