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Social care workers signing up to the social care commitment on launch day

When you sign the Social Care Commitment, you will receive a number of resources to help you make best use of it in your work place.

Our booklet Making the commitment – A guide for employers contains detailed information on the tasks you might choose and helpful ideas on using the commitment to encourage workforce development and quality.

Making the commitment – A guide for employees explains how the commitment is relevant for staff. It answers some of the most frequently asked questions and explains why the commitment matters so much.

The Social Care Commitment flipbook contains all of the statements and tasksfor employers and employees, so that you have a quick and easy reference to go back to.

You can buy additional copies of these books in our bookshop.

We also have other resources to help you below. 

This graphic shows how the Social Care Commitment can support you to meet other standards across social care.

The Social Care Commitment can help you meet Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards and works well alongside other initiative like the Dementia Pledge.

It also lists the benefits the commitment can bring to the adult social care sector, to the general public and to your business. 

Download a PDF version of the infographic.

To sign up to the Social Care Commitment, please visit our dedicated website.

We’ve produced two presentations that should give you a clearer idea of how you can use the Social Care Commitment in the best way.

  • Quality people, quality care – this presentation gives you an overview of the Social Care Commitment and explains the benefits of signing up.
  • A promise to keep – use this presentation with your employees. It explains what is involved in making the commitment and the support that employees can receive when signing up. 

To help you to make your commitment across the whole of your organisation we have developed a large employer sign up resource. This should be used if you are a large employer with multiple sites and want to get the most out of your commitment. 

On completing your sign up, you will receive an organisational development plan that is yours to download and use as you wish. It records all your selected tasks and completion dates and can provide useful evidence for CQC inspections if you are a registered provider. 

This example of an employee development plan shows how you can control your own training and development using the commitment. This plan can then be used as evidence for the Care Certificate or for your appraisal. 

The Social Care Commitment can generate evidence that shows the CQC that you are meeting their essential standards.

To help you see which parts of your employer statements match with which Key Lines of Enquiry set out by the CQC, we have created this handy diagram

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