The Social Care Commitment

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The Social Care Commitment is a promise made by people who work in social care to give the best care and support they can.

You and your employees choose from a number of tasks designed to help improve your care services and then sign the commitment.

If you sign up, you will then be given the Social Care Commitment logo to use on your marketing material, so that you can endorse your care services.

You will also be given three resources to help you - one for you, one for your employees and a Social Care Commitment flipbook containing all the statements and tasks for both.

You can now sign up your employees using our Employee Assisted Sign Up tool, which means one of your employees, nominated as a Commitment Champion, can sign up all of the employees in your organisation using just one email address. If you don't give out email addresses for work, this means your employees don't have to use their personal email accounts. Your Commitment Champion can manage everyone's commitments from one dashboard. 

About the Social Care Commitment

Together with the Department of Health, we launched the Social Care Commitment in 2012.

It was created as a very practical way to improve standards. It’s also seen as a key way of increasing the public’s confidence in social care services.

The Social Care Commitment was designed by people working in the sector, so it is easy to do and will have a real impact in workplaces.

It can be used as evidence to complete the Care Certificate and other adult social care qualifications, or to show evidence of meeting Care Quality Commission standards.

You can sign the Social Care Commitment by visiting

“It is very encouraging to see so many employers – and their employees – signing up to the Social Care Commitment – the sector’s promise to deliver high quality social care to those who need it.

“The commitment is driving improvement in the care and support sector at a time when the need for a high quality workforce, fully equipped to meet the challenges of an ageing and diversifying population, has never been greater. As a more robust inspection regime comes into force, it is also reassuring to note how the Social Care Commitment is helping care service providers meet the Care Quality Commission’s standards and be awarded the benchmark Care Certificate. These indicators of high quality care can only help reassure service users and raise the prestige of the profession as a whole.”

Alistair Burt, Minister of State for Community and Social Care

“CQC recognises that the leadership and culture of an organisation, and the support and training of staff, have a significant impact on the quality of care experiences by the people who use services. CQC fully supports the Social Care Commitment and will assess the culture and leadership of services as part of its new approach to inspection.”

David Behan, CQC Chief Executive

“I welcome the Social Care Commitment and support its aim to encourage adult social care to the best it can possibly be. We know from our inspections there are some fantastic care services, some that need to improve and some where the standards are unacceptably low and need to change. I hope that employers and staff will use the commitment to help ensure the delivery of safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led services that we expect and that everyone deserves.

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission

“ADASS fully supports the Social Care Commitment and recognises the crucial role of every employer and employee in raising standards and improving the quality of care experienced by the citizens we serve. We will encourage our members to sign up and embed the commitments in the provision and commissioning of care.”

Association of Directors of Adult Social Care Services (ADASS)

If you have already signed the Social Care Commitment and are interested in becoming a case study to share your story with others, please download our case study questions.

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Signing the Social Care Commitment is easy to do. Please visit and click the ‘sign up’ button in the top right hand corner of your screen. 

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