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Impact is becoming increasingly important across all aspects of adult social care. An evidence-based approach to professional practice and service delivery is the responsibility of you and your social workers.

Impact can quantify efficiency and effectiveness which supports the sector-led knowledge and experience. It also enhances the status of social work as a professional activity.

Learning from others provides more information about sharing information and measuring impact.

Cost effectiveness of social work

In times of financial constraints, social work must demonstrate economic and social value.

The  Local Government Association’s (LGA) final report on the social care efficiency programme highlights the role your social workers can have on the impact of quality of service and efficiency.

Impact on care and support outcomes

  • The workforce capacity planning resources provide general questions, prompts and tips to help you consider the impact of social work interventions on care and support outcomes.
  • The workforce outcomes measurement model has been developed and tested in partnership with employers to judge whether workforce interventions are having an impact.
  • Think local act personal has produced information which details what people in need of care and support have to say about social workers and the role they can play in service delivery. 

When considering CPD, you need to be able to measure the impact of your investment on practice and service delivery. Your social workers should be able to evidence and demonstrate the impact of their CPD activity as part of their professional registration.

We have worked with employers to develop evaluation tools which can be used to measure the impact of CPD.

Implementing workforce redesign – monitoring and reviewing progress

The workforce capacity planning resources provide general questions, prompts and tips. This can help you to monitor and review the decisions about social work deployment that may be made as part of a wider workforce redesign.

The Standards for Employers of Social Workers in England is the benchmark for this process.

While local authority social work services are not currently inspected by the Care Quality Commission, their new inspection approach, based on the five outcomes listed below, provides a useful framework to monitor and review the effectiveness of a redesigned social work workforce.

  1. Are they safe?
  2. Are they effective?
  3. Are they caring?
  4. Are they well led?
  5. Are they responsive to people’s needs?
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