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Appreciation of the social work workforce can be taken from:

The key output from the Social Work Reform Board is Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), which sets out consistent expectations for all social workers at every stage of their career.

The social work workforce takes into account workers from the independent sector, the NHS and local authorities.

Identifying current social worker activity, jobs and roles

The workforce capacity planning tool provides prompts and tips to analyse your workforce. It can help you to identify the number of registered social workers:

  • working within a care management model and their impact on service delivery
  • working in non-designated social work roles which utilise the professional skills of a social worker but don’t have a protected title
  • employed in the NHS, private and voluntary sector within your locality (what roles do they undertake and is there any connection across sectors / settings?)
  • who actively engage with communities (how do they add value to the provision of local services?).

Useful documents

Making effective use of a social worker’s time and identifying future workforce capacity

The Standards for Employers of Social Workers in England cover your key responsibilities and will help you to maximise the effectiveness of your social workers.

We have created resources to support workforce planning which consider the needs and future capacity of the workforce.

To analyse the future capacity it is important to consider how other personnel can work effectively alongside them.

It’s important to look at the roles of assistants and para-professionals to ensure their skills and knowledge are used appropriately and their role isn’t just a mechanism to reduce costs.

We have developed guidance for new roles in social care through workforce innovation.

The workforce capacity planning tool will help you to analyse future workforce capacity. It includes questions which help you to consider the extent to which you have has incorporated the PCF.

Further guidance

  1. Recruitment, retention and career progression of social workers (June 2013)
  2. Supervision and workload management for social work

Identify new activities, jobs and roles

The workforce capacity planning resources provide questions, prompts and tips. These will help you identify new activities, jobs and roles to be undertaken by your social workers to meet the requirements of the Care Act.

It is important to consider the implications for other non-social work qualified workers. Think about who and what can help you decide whichroles your social workers can undertake.

Is there anything to be gained from combining the knowledge and experience of social workers in the local community with different settings/sectors within your locality?

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