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We’re looking for more employers to join the network that has already played a key role in our sector having a record number of apprentices.

Why do we need Apprenticeship employer champions?

  • To raise awareness of Apprenticeships.
  • To encourage and increase participation.
  • To increase achievement and completion rates for Apprenticeships.
  • To share good practice.

Want to hear from an employer champion?

If you are interested in speaking to an employer champion, please email

Watch our employers and apprentices video showing employer champions talking about how running Apprenticeship schemes have benefitted their business, their workers and the people who need care and support.

Apprenticeship employer champions are employers who positively support the Apprenticeship programme in their workplace.

Employer champions offer information, advice and guidance via one to one conversations, workplace visits and presentations to encourage others to support apprentices.

It is ideal that each champion:

  • has recent positive experience of at least one successful Apprenticeship
  • is prepared to actively promote the employment of an apprentice during or after the Apprenticeship programme
  • has an understanding of the Apprenticeship framework and possible delivery models
  • is prepared to network with other employers and key stakeholders.

Employer champions are involved in a variety of ways, including:

  • attending national and local events to share their experience
  • offering telephone support for other employers thinking about taking on an apprentice
  • taking part in teleconferences
  • contributing to public resources by providing case studies and quotes
  • being available for interviews and virtual consultations.

Employer champions have the opportunity to:

  • promote their organisation and service delivery to a wider audience
  • improve the skills base within the sector by introducing apprentices
  • improve service delivery by helping to ensure staff having relevant skills and knowledge
  • share best practice and promote their learning for the benefit of the sector
  • share business benefits about employing apprentices
  • raise the profile of the adult social care sector
  • publicise career opportunities/pathways within the sector
  • develop your skills.

If you are interested, great! It couldn't be simpler to register your interest or apply to be one of our champions. 

Provide us with details of yourself and how your work with apprentices has benefitted your organisation. You can do this by completing our form and emailing it to 

Or you can complete the online form below:


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