Funding and the levy

Funding is changing too

A total maximum cost is assigned to the standard rather than per component element, so there is more freedom in the make-up of the training.

As an employer of apprentices, you will either be a levy payer or non levy payer. From April 2017, the Government introduced changes to the funding system which are dependent on the amount of payroll. The Apprenticeship levy applies to employers with a payroll of more than £3m.

As a non levy payer, you will agree a price with the learning provider and then pay for 10% of the cost to your learning provider and the government will contribute the rest of the cost and pay the learning provider. If you are a levy payer this will work differently as you will fund your Apprenticeships through a digital account. 

For all employers, there is also a system of incentive payments if:

  • you are a small organisation
  • employ 16-18 year olds
  • employ a care leaver
  • and also upon completion.

In some cases these incentive payments may be more than your original cash contribution.

Explore the two journeys:

More places to get funding information

For the most current funding information go to:

For the most current levy information:

Funding calculators 

There are some useful funding calculators that have been developed to help you work out costs for your organisation:

Workforce Development Fund (WDF)

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is funding from the Department of Health which is disbursed by Skills for Care. It’s a limited pot of money which funds qualifications, units and learning programmes to support the ongoing professional development of staff across adult social care in England.

Our WDF can be used by you to help fund the delivery of apprenticeships in adult social care. 


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