Levels of Apprenticeships

There are three levels of Apprenticeships available in health social care: 

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship - level 2
  • Advanced Apprenticeship - level 3
  • Higher Apprenticeship - level 5

Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships

The Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships are made up of different parts that give learners a range of skills and knowledge.

These parts are called ‘components’ and each component plays a key role in developing a capable, confident and skilled worker.

The apprentice will gain different qualifications dependent on which level of Apprenticeship they complete.

As well as using Apprenticeships to attract new members of staff, you can us them as a useful learning and development route for existing workers across all ages and experiences.

The six components of the Apprenticeship framework are explained in more detail in our Apprenticeship employer guide.

Higher Apprenticeships

The Higher Apprenticeship is for those in a manager or business development role in adult social care, or for those who need a high level of knowledge or specific specialism.

The Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management (England) qualification has two pathways - a general and a specialist pathway.

Our Developing managers and leaders in your workforce - a Higher Apprenticeships guide gives full detail of the framework and the two pathways.

Our Progressing your career in social care - a guide for potential higher apprentices can be used as a guide for those thinking of doing a Higher Apprenticeship.

Higher Apprenticeship Framework in Care Leadership and Management has now been updated to Version 14 (FR03525), and issued to include two new versions of the diploma by Gateway Qualifications and BIIAB for the General Pathway.


We issue framework certificates through the Apprentice Certificates England (ACE) system. This is on behalf of Skills for Care and Development (ACE certification body).

We certificate for the:

  • higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management
  • the social care pathway at intermediate and advanced level of the joint health and social care (England) framework
  • the children and young people’s workforce (England) framework.

More details and guidance on the framework certificates can be found in our Apprenticeship Framework Certificate interactive pdf.

If you want to work with children and young people, we can certificate the current children and young people’s workforce Apprenticeship framework.

What’s in the framework?

The children and young people’s workforce framework includes:

  • an intermediate Apprenticeship with a single pathway (level 2)
  • an advanced Apprenticeship (level 3) with three pathways:
  1. early years, based on the early years educator qualifications
  2. social care children and young people, based on the diploma for the children and young people’s workforce
  3. residential childcare based on the diploma in residential childcare

Our FAQ sheet gives you more information and guidance on working with children and young people. 

With the changes to Apprenticeships happening this year (the move from frameworks to standards) it's advised that employers keep up to date with them.

The two systems will run parallel for a while. There is nothing to do as of yet on the new standards but please continue to visit our site to keep informed.  



Guidance for learning providers

We’re offering help to learning providers on all the new changes to social care qualifications and Apprenticeships

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