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We have lots of resources to support Apprenticeships in adult social care.

All our resources are free to download below. If you’d like a printed copy please email

A guide for potential apprentices is for people who are new to adult social care. It provides information on the Apprenticeship route into the sector.

Progressing your career in social care with Higher Apprenticeships explains what the Higher Apprenticeship it and who it is for.  

Our videos show you the different types of jobs you could do an as apprentice in adult social care. 

We also have our meet the apprentices series which shows real apprentices answering all the questions you may ask if interested in doing an Apprenticeship in adult social care.  


We’ve launched a report recently that confirms social care remains the largest sector for Apprenticeships for the third year in a row.

There are many more stats which show the ever growing success of social care apprentices and their employers which we have put into an easy to use graphic.  


We’ve developed the following resources to help you understand Apprenticeships and to help with recruitment.

Developing managers and leaders in your workforce looks at using Higher Apprenticeships.

Our Apprenticeship employer guide helps you implement social care Apprenticeship programmes. To support this practical guide, we’ve also created the following resources: 

Employing under 18's

Adult social care workers aged 16 and 17 are allowed to undertake all work tasks suitable for their level of employment.

Age isn't an issue in recruiting workers with the right values who are really motivated to develop long term careers in our sector. Young practitioners can be employed in adult social care with the same levels of support that employers provide for any members of staff. Our guidance confirms that 16 - 18 year old practitioners can be employed in adult social care.

Framework Certificates – Frequently Asked Questions

If you need further help and assistance with your Apprenticeship Framework Certificate you can download this FAQ document for frequently asked questions about ACE.

Employer champions

Our experience tells us the best people to help you understand the benefits of Apprenticeships are other employers.

Our Apprenticeship employer champions share their experience of how an effective Apprenticeship programme can benefit your organisation.


Our local authority toolkit has been made to help you hire apprentices. It was created with the help of three local authorities who have shared their experience, barriers and success. 


With the changes to Apprenticeships happening this year (the move from frameworks to standards) it's advised that employers keep up to date with them.

The two systems will run parallel for a while. There is nothing to do as of yet on the new standards but please continue to visit our site to keep informed.  



Guidance for learning providers

We’re offering help to learning providers on all the new changes to social care qualifications and Apprenticeships

”By understanding the sector better you can improve your offer and potentially increase your business too”




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