Applying and renewing

Applying and renewing

If you're considering applying for the Skills for Care Endorsement Framework and becoming part of the Care Learning Coalition (CLC), here's what you need to know.

What is endorsement?

Before you apply for endorsement, we recommend that you read through our What is endorsement? section to get all the information about the process as well as eligibility requirements.

If you are here to endorse your eLearning or to apply for one of your programmes to be approved please visit their dedicated pages.

Applying for endorsement

The following webinars will provide you with information on how to apply along with detailed explanations of each Dimension and links to associated documents that will assist you with your application. We have also put the word versions of the webinars below each one. These word versions also include links to the documents mentioned in each webinar. All doucments you need will also be in the Supporting documents and resources to help you section below. 

Already viewed the webinars? Download an application form now. 

How to apply for endorsment webinar

Dimension 1 of the Endorsement Framework

Dimension 2 of the Endorsement Framework

Dimension 3 of the Endorsement Framework

Dimension 4 of the Endorsement Framework 



Already an endorsed provider?





You can start your application now with our Online application form. Once completed please send it along with your evidence to

If you feel that you need further information our Endorsement Handbook is available to download

To support your application we also have a Potential evidence booklet Potential Evidence Booklet and Dimensions explained booklet available to download.

To further help your application, we offer support visits to your organisation. From 1 April 2017 we will be charging £400.00 +VAT for this service. However if you have already started your application pre April 2017, the site visit (if booked between April and June) will still be included in your application fee. 

For further details and costs contact our endorsement team on or call 0207 383 8938.