Endorsing eLearning

Endorsing elearning

Our Endorsement Framework also extends to online learning.

We’ve developed robust quality checks for this important part of adult social care learning and development provision to uphold the values of the Endorsement Framework. There are two levels of endorsement for e-learning:

  • Endorsed e-Provider
  • Approved e-Programme

If you are looking to become an endorsed provider on our original framework visit our Applying and renewing section.  

If you want to find an eLearning course, take a look a look at our search engine now. Here you can find eLearning courses and the providers who deliver them. 

Becoming an endorsed e-Provider

Providers are encouraged to contact us to find out more about the process of being endorsed for eLearning, the evidence you'll need to provide and how you might gather this evidence. A good start would be to download the application form.

You must be able to demonstrate that your business and its programmes are effectively managed.  Other criteria include:

  • effective systems to monitor standards and allow for continuous improvement
  • programmes respond to individual learner needs
  • the enrolment process is comprehensive, transparent and supportive
  • services provided meet the reasonable needs of learners with good, secure assessments in place
  • programme designers make effective use of appropriate teaching aids and learning resources.

Approved e-Programme application

You’ll need to use one of your online programmes as part of your evidence. This programme, once endorsed, will become an Approved Programme and will feature in our online endorsement directory.

This joint approach is to uphold the reputation of the Framework and to reassure employers that the programmes offered are current and will meet the needs of providers and their staff.

The process for e-learning applications includes the completion of a self-evaluation document and a site visit. We’ll support you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have. 

If you want to approve a programme that is not eLearning visit our Approved programmes application section.


eLearning providers won't need to attend a workshop as the process is different to the normal framework. You will, however, need to submit one of your learning programmes as evidence, along with your organisational evidence. 

Endorsement costs £1,500.00 + VAT which includes your organisation and the submission and approval of one of your online programmes. 

Once you've been endorsed, additional programme endorsement costs will be determined on an individual basis. It will depend on the length of programme and how many you want to be endorsed. Contact us to find out more information. 

Why are we endorsing eLearning?

Repeated demands from the sector meant we had to expand the Endorsement Framework to include online learning. We collaborated with an established online learning provider to develop the framework and ensure that providers could gather sufficient evidence.

The quality checks, processes and documentation can now accommodate the type of evidence that e-learning providers are able to produce, whilst carefully upholding the robustness of the framework, our quality mark and reputation.

Is Skills for Care now endorsing Care Certificate programmes?

Skills for Care endorses the learning provider and, where requested and subject to due process, endorses learning programmes. 

However, we don't support the acquisition of the Care Certificate through  e-learning alone as there is an element of assessed practice required by the employer to certify achievement. 


“The process of endorsement was our opportunity to get an important impartial view on the way we work and develop. It gave us an opportunity to measure ourselves against a set of standards/requirements to ensure we’re working in the best way possible. As an organisation, we found the process robust and fair.”

Steven Embleton, CEO and Chief Cloud, My Learning Cloud. Recognised Provider – eLearning

For further details and costs contact our endorsement team on endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk or call 0207 383 8938


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