What is endorsement?

What is endorsementThe Skills for Care endorsement framework is the bespoke quality mark for learning and development providers within the adult social care sector.

It has been developed following the Cavendish Review, recommendation 5 and on the request from employers to have a site where they can easily find high quality training providers, taking away the uncertainty and need to trawl through the minefield of existing providers.

The framework embeds the Common Inspection Framework, National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development and the Leadership Qualities Framework.

It is unique in that the golden thread throughout is the ability of the applicant of endorsment to clearly evidence that the training they deliver makes a significant difference, not only to the learner but also the person in receipt of support services.

To become endorsed by us, you will need to visit the Applying and renewing section.


We understand that it is not only the large training providers who are able to deliver high quality and relevant programmes to staff. Therefore, our endorsement is for any individual or organisation who provides the appropriate development and skills for anyone involved in delivering or indeed receiving support.

Endorsed providers currently range from individual trainers, small training companies and colleges to local authorities, universities and large care providers delivering internally. The programmes do not have to be accredited and can be bespoke courses that have been identified by the local community

The level and types of endorsement consist of:

Care Learning Coalition (CLC) member

When you start your application to become an endorsed learning provider you automatically become a member of the Care Learning Coalition (CLC). The CLC is a group which shows its dedication to improve the learning and development and up-skilling of workers in adult social care. As part of the CLC, you will receive a logo to put on your website and communications as well as be invited to attend our CLC annual conference in October 2017.

Endorsed provider

You become an endorsed provider (previously known as a Recognised Provider) when you have completed your application successfully and had it confirmed by our dedicated endorsment team that you deliver quality care to our sector. You can still be a member of the CLC as well as being an endorsed learning provider. You can start your application to become endorsed on our Applying and renewing section.

Centre of excellence

To become a Centre of Excellence you need to be able to demonstrate:

  • your exemplary commitment to meeting the needs of your learners 
  • compliance with the social model of care
  • how you measure the impact of your training on the lives of the people who need care and support
  • your provision can be directly mapped to the Leadership Qualities Framework.

For further information on becoming a Centre of excellence please contact the endorsment team on endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk or call 0207 383 8938.

Approved programme

Endorsed providers are able to seek an Approved Programme endorsement.

This is when a quality mark is given to particular programmes that have been developed in line with sound educational principles and are grounded in the values that underpin good social care. You can apply to have one of your programmes approved in our Approved programmes application section.

e-learning (information of how to apply for e-learning is available on request)

Our Endorsement Framework has now been extended to now endorse online learning. We’ve developed robust quality checks for this important part of adult social care learning and development provision to uphold the values of the Endorsement Framework. You can find out more about endorsing e-learning on our Endorsing e-learning section.

Each type and level has four dimensions to complete, each with criteria that require information on:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Resource Management
  • Learner Support

Other existing quality marks that organisations and individuals already have, for example Investors in People and Matrix can be used to enhance application evidence along with external quality assurance checks from Ofsted and awarding organisations. However, you DO NOT have to hold or be subject to these to become endorsed.

We cannot endorse what “might be” good and therefore it is important that suitable learning is already place and that evidence can be provided to demonstrate the impact your training has had.

Start your application to become endorsed by us, visit the Applying and renewing section now

If you provide education, training and/or learning and development to the adult social care sector you can apply for endorsement.

You could be:

  • an employer offering courses to your own employees
  • a further education college
  • a higher education institute
  • an individual trainer or a voluntary organisation
  • an eLearning provider.

The benefits of endorsement consist of:

  • Marketing and promotion on our website
  • Complete review of processes and procedures
  • Use of Skills for Care logo’s
  • Membership of the Care Learning Coalition
  • Ability to have your programmes approved for use in the sector
  • Inclusion of certain Skills for Care projects when appropriate

Full support is provided with the completion of the application and advice will be given throughout the process. 

Find out more about the Benefits of becoming endorsed

Our price list as of 1 April 2017 is:


  • Organisation (non-RoATP) - £1500.00 +VAT
  • Organisation (RoATP) - £750.00 +VAT
  • Individual - £500.00 +VAT
  • Renewals (All) - £300.00 +VAT
  • Approved programmes - £300 +VAT (Minimum depending on length and level of programme contact endorsement team)
  • Supporting visit - £400.00 +VAT

Licenced programmes:

Lead to Succeed - £2000.00 +VAT


  • Introductory programme - £1200.00 +VAT
  • Leadership programme £1600.00 +VAT

Please bear in mind that these prices apply to those apply on or after 1 April 2017. If you started the process of endorsment before these dates the fees you were originally quoted apply. For the previous information please contact us using the details below. 

All Skills for Care endorsed providers will become instant members of the Care Learning Coalition (CLC) which is a membership network for learning and development providers who have shown that they are committed to raising the quality of training in the health and social care sector.

All endorsed providers will be sent a certificate of membership and a logo that can be used on their marketing communications and these will be provided over the next few weeks.

There will be a Log In area on our website shortly and this area will enable like-minded professionals to share best practice, access training documents, download useful updates and support one another as appropriate.

We are aware that not all providers wish to share their contact details and therefore the list of providers will be the same as on the Endorsed Provider web page that you have put your organisational details.

If you DO NOT want to be added to this list that you inform the endorsement team on endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk so that we can ensure any personal contact details are not made public.

It is expected that this site will be available over the next month or so and will be a live platform, therefore if you have anything to add please also let us know as soon as possible and an e-newsletter will be sent to communicate any updates accordingly.

For further details and costs contact our endorsement team on endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk or call 0207 383 8938.