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There are two routes to endorsement.

If you're considering applying to the Skills for Care Endorsement Framework and becoming a Recognised Provider, here's what you need to know.

If you're an online learning and development provider you'll need to visit our elearning page.

Am I eligible?

If you provide education, training and/or learning and development to the adult social care sector you can apply for endorsement.

You could be:

  • an employer offering courses to your own employees
  • a further education college
  • a higher education institute
  • an individual trainer or a voluntary organisation
  • an elearning provider.

Step 1: Attending a workshop

Find out about the routes to becoming endorsed and what’s involved. Cost is £100 (+ VAT) per person which is deducted from your endorsement fee when you apply.  Please note that these workshops are not suitable for e-learning providers.  Contact us if you are an e-learning provider.

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Step 2:  Decide on your preferred route to endorsement

See an overview of the process by viewing the process chart.  There are two routes to endorsement:

Site visit route

This route involves a site visit from our endorsement team. They will spend the day going through your application form and this helps reduce the time taken to become endorsed. Once you’ve made arrangements for the site visit, you’ll receive an invoice and full details of what’s involved. 

"We decided to take the site visit option. I was so glad I did. Mark and Martin made the whole process easy to understand and helped to draw out the required information. After the visit I feel confident that I will achieve endorsement and I would thoroughly recommend the site visit option to applicants.” David Coleman, Arden Safety

Desktop review route
This route is an opportunity to gather and document all your evidence and completethe full application form in your own time. Your self-evaluation will need to be supported by demonstrable evidence and, where appropriate, quantitative (statistical) data.You should be able to identify what you do well, what needs to be improved and how improvement can be monitored, achieved and evaluated. 

Step 3:  Are you ready?

Use our self-assessment to see if you’re ready to apply for endorsement.

This is the first level of endorsement. It’s suitable for organisations or individuals. If you become a Recognised Provider, you'll have demonstrated you take a professional approach to learning and development and are experienced in adult social care.  

Useful documents

Endorsement handbook – getting started
The criteria you need to meet explained (Recognised Provider)
Recognised Provider - Individual application form 
Recognised Provider - Organisation application form


The costs to become a Recognised Provider are:

  • individual / associate £400 +VAT

  • organisation £1,200 +VAT

  • You can pay by instalments - please enquire when you apply.

Once you have become endorsed you will need to renew on an annual basis. This costs £300 +VAT.  Read the terms and conditions

To become a Centre of Excellence, you must already be a Recognised Provider. You need to be able to demonstrate:

  • your exemplary commitment to meeting the needs of your learners 

  • compliance with the social model of care

  • how you measure the impact of your training on the lives of the people who need care and support

  • your provision can be directly mapped to the Leadership Qualities Framework. 

Useful documents

Endorsement handbook
The criteria you need to meet explained 
Centre of excellence - Application form 


The costs to become a Centre of Excellence are

  • individual £600 +VAT

  • organisation £1,900 +VAT

  • annual renewal £300 +VAT.

Read the terms and conditions.

Both Recognised Providers and Centres of Excellence are able to seek an Approved Programme endorsement. 

This is when a quality mark is given to particular programmes that have been developed in line with sound educational principles and are grounded in the values that underpin good social care. 

The annual licence for an approved programme is £400 +VAT.

Download the application form

Find out about the process of approving a programme

Some learning and development providers refer learners or employers to The Social Care Commitment. You can include evidence about this in your endorsement application form. It is not an essential part of the application.

 If you We support the Social Care Commitmentdemonstrate you support this initiative, a special logo will  be issued, alongside the endorsement logo, which recognises  your support. 


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