Information for learning providers

If you’re a learning provider delivering units from our list of acceptable units you can signpost employers to the WDF. We pay a contribution of £15 per credit for QCF qualification units on the list of acceptable units with a maximum of 60 credits per learner per funding year. How much employers can claim back will depend on the qualification, the units selected and how many credits make up those units. Learning programmes and RQF qualifications are funded to the value advertised on completion. 

As this is an employer fund, the employer must join a WDF employer led partnership, be part of a large national organisation (1000+ employees) that has their own WDF grant agreement, or be claiming directly from Skills for Care if they are in one of the advertised local authority areas. Learning providers cannot do this on an employer’s behalf. 

Once a candidate has completed an eligible QCF unit, you must sign off a fully completed qualification unit summary sheet to enable the employer to claim the funding. You can use our template unit summary sheet or an equivalent as long as it contains the same information. Employers will not receive any funds without this. 

RQF qualifications are claimed on completion using a copy of the learner’s certificate as evidence. 

The learning programmes funded are delivered by Skills for Care’s endorsed providers under licence. Employers can claim their funding contribution on completion using a copy of the learner’s certificate issued by the endorsed learning provider.  

For more information, please download our learning provider leaflet.