Support and assessment

This information relates to the previous ASYE framework and should be used for NQSWs who were registered before 1 April 2015.

As the employer you’re responsible for supporting the newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) during the ASYE.

You should use supervision to talk to your NQSWs about their progress. This also provides an opportunity to discuss their workload, professional development time and professional development plan.

Our learning agreement template can help you to plan the support and assessment of your NQSW during the ASYE.

We’ve also developed an assessor report template and a direct observation template to help you implement a holistic assessment process.

Using the learning agreement

Here is an example of a completed learning agreement and professional development plan, which have been used in the Isabella case study

For further support use the information and notes.

What is a holistic assessment?

Holistic assessment is an approach to assessing learning, performance and progression which is measured against the nine capabilities of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF).

We’ve produced information and case studies to explain holistic assessment of the ASYE against the PCF.

Completed examples of an assessor report template

We’ve created five examples to show how the assessor report should be completed for pass and fail decisions.

Graham Knight – Pass

This example focuses on an NQSW working in a hospital with an over 65 team. Despite their struggles throughout the ASYE, the NQSW receives the additional support they need to pass.

Fadima Begum – Pass

This example focuses on an NQSW in a children in need team.  It shows how the NQSW has successfully completed the ASYE having met all of the requirements.

Sally Mills – Pass

This example focuses on an NQSW in a community mental health team. It provides a very detailed account of the NQSW’s progress, which is above the level required for the ASYE.

Monica Baxter – Fail

This example focuses on NQSW in an older people’s team. It shows how the NQSW has failed to meet the required standards, despite having the support of a performance management scheme.

Robert Green – Fail

This example focuses on an NQSW in a looked after children's team. It shows that they have been well supported throughout the ASYE but have failed to reach the required standards when put under pressure. 

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