The Approved Child and Family Practitioner assessment

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Find out about the development of a new assessment and accreditation system

The Government is exploring a new accredited status of 'Approved Child and Family Practitioner'.

This aims to increase public confidence in social workers working with children most at risk and includes three levels of professional practice.

Here is the latest information about the new system. 


  1. Approved Child and Family Practitioner – This applies to lead professionals working with named children under the local authority’s statutory framework (commonly referred to as “case responsibility”).
  2. Practice supervision – This applies to those responsible for educating, developing and supervising social workers.
  3. Practice leadership – This applies to those responsible for social work services for children.  

Approved Child and Family Practitioner and practice supervision are currently being tested. The development of practice leadership will start in 2016.  

The assessment and accreditation system for the Approved Child and Family Practitioner and the Practice supervisor is currently being developed. It will be tested by a large group of social workers later this year.

The Department for Education are aiming to have an assessment system in place by the end the end of 2016.

This will provide a method for assessing the knowledge and skills of child and family social workers, which can be scaled in a cost effective way.

Once the system has been tested a decisions will be made about further roll out and the relationship between this status and the ASYE.

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