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Workforce development strategy

Enabling employers to meet the new vision and priorities in adult social care



Digital capabilities

Read our latest research findings from staff and managers across the sector around the use of digital information technology.  

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Research Knowledge Base (RKB)

Launching our new online searchable database covering over 1000 research articles, papers and publications across the whole sector

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Size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce 2014 



Workforce informatics

The collection, collation, storage and analysis of information and data to improve social care services. 


The social care sector is changing and growing rapidly, which means it’s important that the sector has clear, robust evidence of its size and scale to help reinforce its position as a key employer of workers in the country. 

Social care was once described as a 'data desert' so Skills for Care has invested heavily in sound research that allows the sector to plan based on hard facts not just anecdotal evidence. We undertake a large range of research activity that covers issues relevant to workforce development and service provision within the social care sector. The role of informatics in social care looks at the collection, storage, analysis and presentation of information is an emerging area for development.

Our National Minimum Data Set for Social Care is the recognised leading source of robust workforce intelligence for adult social care and has already signed up more than 26,000 providers and their employees, who are helping us to produce rich data that will inform future planning for 1.6 million adult care staff. 

This section contains innovative tools and resources developed with employers that help meet the workforce development needs of the sector now and in the future. 

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The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care

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