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Our analysis team use NMDS-SC data to publish briefings and reports:


The first number is the issue number and the second is the date that the briefing is published. TB means trend briefing.

Workforce information

Nationality (2016)

Workers time spent in sector (25) (2015)

Diversity of the workforce (23) (2014)

Projected growth of the sector (20) (2013)

Migrant workers (14) (2011)

Specific job roles

Registered nurses briefing (27) (2016)
Registered managers briefing (26) (2016)

Social workers (22) (2014)
Social workers and workforce planning (18) (2012)
Voluntary sector and voluntary workers (16) (2011)

Trend briefings

New - Pay in the adult social care sector (TB4) (2016)

Vacancies - (TB3) (2016) 

Recruitment and retention trends (TB2) (2015)

Care workers – Trends in pay (TB1) (2013)

About the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care

What we’ve learnt since NMDS-SC was built (17) (2012)
How NMDS-SC data is used (11) (19) and (24)
Improvements to NMDS-SC (15) (2011)

For older briefings visit NMDS-SC.  For the latest data, please refer to the ‘size and structure or the ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce reports for more current sector information. For regional and local authority information, visit our regional reports page.  For specific reports see below: 


This report (published in 2015) looks at some of the characteristics of registered nurses working in adult social care.

  • There are an estimated 51,400 registered nurses working in adult social care, 87% are female.
  • Turnover for registered nurses in adult social care is higher than for other professions represented in the sector. A turnover rate of 32.1% means around 16,500 leaving their post each year. This is one of the highest in adult social care.
  • Over 72% of nurses working in adult social care are aged 40 or over, while 44% are aged 50 or over.
  • Annual pay rates for nurses working in adult social care (£24,350) are in line with those paid in the NHS Band 5 rate which starts at around £21,000 and goes up to just below £28,000.
  • 85% work in residential services. 97% of those are CQC registered care homes with nursing. 
  • 85% of registered nurses are employed within the independent sector.

We also published a briefing about registered nurses in June 2013.  


This report (published in 2016) looks into the trends and numbers of students enrolling on social work higher education courses in England. The report also includes graduating students who secure employment in the sector. Key findings include: 

  • There were around 4,600 students enrolled onto social work education courses in England in 2013/2014.
  • 37% of students enrolled onto social work education courses were aged under 24.
  • Around 1 in 5 students enrolled on a social work course were from the North West of England.
  • Almost 5,000 students finished social work education courses and approx 94%. achieved a qualification and were eligible to register as social workers.

If you’re interested in accessing information about the social care workforce and sector then visit the open access dashboards.

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Our analysis team are experts in social care workforce data.  They've been working with data sources including the NMDS-SC for over 8 years.  This experience means they can help you investigate, analyse and discover information to help you identify or solve a specific issue.  

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