The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, 2016

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This report presents the most recent and comprehensive overview of the adult social care sector, which continues to grow and employs an estimated 1.55 million jobs.

Find out about its size, employment information, recruitment and retention issues, workforce demographics, pay and qualification rates and future workforce forecasts. Key findings include:

  • the sector was estimated to contribute £40.4 billion per annum to the English economy
  • workers had, on average, eight years of experience in the sector and four years of experience in role
  • the majority (83%) of the adult social care workforce were British, 7% had an EU nationality and 11% a non-EU nationality
  • the average age of a worker was 43 years old and a fifth were over 55 years old
  • almost two thirds of directly employed staff new to their roles since January 2015 had achieved or are working towards the Care Certificate
  • in 2015/16, prior to the introduction of the mandatory National Living Wage, care worker pay was £7.46
  • over the past 12 months the starters rate was 35% and turnover rate was 27.3%.

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