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Skills for Care and the National Skills Academy for Social Care has a number of resources which support leadership and management across the adult social care sector.

The Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and the Manager Induction Standards have been developed by leaders and managers for leaders and managers. The Social work leadership toolkit is a useful resource for aspiring social work managers and leaders. For more details please refer to the information below. 

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Leadership and management workbooks

We have developed the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care qualification which is recommended to new registered managers and other staff working towards such a position. We do not work directly with colleges and training companies to deliver the Diploma and it is a vocational qualification which is undertaken as part of the job rather than full time education. 

The earlier Registered Manager Award or NVQ Level 4 in Leadership and Management for Care Services are both regarded as equivalent qualifications. The Care Quality Commission Advice Notes further help to clarify requirements around the registered manager role requirements (see pages 16-18).

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Employers are currently entitled to claim back some of the cost of the training of the Level 5 Diploma through our Workforce Development Fund.  

Our Manager Induction Standards (MIS) set out clearly what a new manager needs to know and understand.

They are aimed at those new to management as well as those new in post who have previously managed other care services. They are also intended for aspiring or potential managers to help support their development, although evidence of having met some of the standards will require actual management experience. 

The standards can to be used in a wide range of settings, including people who manage their own services and micro-employers, as well as small, medium and large organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors. 

The MIS are a measure of good practice and we would highly recommend that new managers should normally have demonstrated all the knowledge requirements of the recommended core standards within six months of taking up a management role.

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TheSocial work leadership toolkit provides tools and resources to support the development of social workers across the experienced, advanced and strategic levels of the PCF. Aspiring managers and leaders, front line managers, advanced social work practitioners and other social workers at a strategic level can be supported by this toolkit. It is also useful for non-social work professionals who manage or are accountable for the social workers within their service.

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