Recruiting graduates

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National Graduate Management Training Scheme

Are you looking for someone with drive and passion for social care to work in a leadership role in your organisation?

Why not host one of our graduates on a twelve month placement?

Our National Graduate Management Training Scheme aims to bring graduates with an interest in social care and leadership ability into the sector. 

Candidates are subject to a strict recruitment process and are matched with organisations where we think they can make a real impact.  

If you choose to host a graduate from the National Graduate Management Training Scheme, you'll be expected to give them management experience.

Your graduate will join you for a twelve month period. During that time, they will receive support from Skills for Care and should make a real difference to your care service.

Each year, we place around twenty graduates with host organisations like yours. 

To host a graduate, you must be able to:

  • provide 12 months frontline practice or strategic work to a graduate
  • fund an £18,000 bursary for your graduate.

All support, recruitment, learning and development costs will be covered by the Department of Health and our other key partners.

If you are looking for a new leader in your organisation, you should sign up to host one of our graduates. In return you will get:

  • access to a high quality graduate who's been selected through a robust recruitment process
  • new enthusiasm, thinking and intellect through graduate participation
  • access to leadership and development training for a designated placement supervisor from your organisation
  • support from us in performance managing the selected graduate
  • the opportunity to develop and potentially recruit your graduate, who has the potential to become a leader in social care
  • an opportunity to contribute to the leadership and management of our sector overall
  • a reputation for being committed to leadership and excellence.

Applications to host a graduate are currently closed, but if you're interested in hearing about the graduates looking for positions in the future, please email

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