The Assessed and supported year in employment (adults)

ASYE registration after 1 April 2015

There are changes to the Assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE) framework following the introduction of the Knowledge and Skills Statements for social workers in adult services.

Click here to view the similarities and differences between the new ASYE framework and the previous framework. Click here to access the new FAQs.There is also guidance to help employers decide if the roles undertaken by NQSWs in their organisation meet the requirements of the ASYE

Newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) registered for the ASYE after 1 April 2015 will be assessed in accordance with the revised framework. A moderation and endorsement process has been introduced to ensure a nationally consistent assessment. Click here to see an overview of the revised ASYE framework for adult services, plus a summary of the process for recording and evidencing the ASYE and the the arrangements for internal and external moderation. 

Use the interactive graphic below to access the new information and documents. Please note the information contained within this graphic is only relevant to those NQSWs who were registered after 1 April 2015. If you registered before this date please refer to the information at the bottom of the page which relates to the previous ASYE structure (2012-2015). If you have any queries please email

Information relating to the ASYE for child and family services will be available in due course.


Support and progressive assessment Critical reflection and holistic assessment



NQSWs who registered for the ASYE in adult services before 1 April 2015 must refer to the previous ASYE structure (2012-2015). For more information please use the links below:

Information relevant to the ASYE for child and family services will be available in due course.

This information supports voluntary and private (independent) sector employers interested in supporting newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) to complete the ASYE.

Scenarios and a case study demonstrate the range of work that social workers perform in the independent sector and how the ASYE can be managed. All registered social workers are eligible for the ASYE, including those who are employed in positions that may not be classed as “social work” or have the term “social worker” within their title. So long as the role includes work of a sufficient complexity and type to meet the requirements of the PCF at ASYE level, an NQSW should be encouraged to participate.

This information should encourage and support independent sector employers and their NQSWs to engage with the ASYE. It provides an opportunity to contribute towards developing a vibrant, well qualified workforce, equipped to deliver high quality social care.



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