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Accolades win has long term benefits for St Mungo's

Posted: 10 July 2017

Our Accolades awards reward employers who are innovative in developing the skills and knowledge of the adult social acre workforce. Last year homelessness charity and housing association St Mungo’s won the Best employer support for apprenticeships category.

Iver Morgan, Head of Volunteering, Apprenticeships and Placements at St Mungo’s, reflects on the long term benefits to his organisation of winning an Accolade.

At St Mungo’s we are extremely proud of our apprenticeship scheme and were excited about the process of entering the Skills for Care Accolades awards. We found the process of entering, both the written application and the interview, easy and supportive, but it also gave us time to reflect on the great progress we had made and the success of the scheme. 

We were delighted to have been shortlisted from what we were sure would have been huge numbers of excellent entries. The award night came around quickly and, of course, there were a lot of nerves leading up to the presentation, but it was great to see the scheme listed and being showcased to such a wide audience.

When we found out we won on the night there was a huge sense of pride that the work we put in as a team, and as a wider organisation, was being recognised on a national scale.

The value we place on our apprentices can’t be emphasised enough and, for me, it is the clearest indication of the ethos of our organisation. Our apprentices have all been on a journey; whether they have suffered from homelessness, ill mental health, substance use, been in the criminal justice system or are in recovery and completing  their apprenticeship. They are all now making a real difference to the lives of the clients that they worked with. 

Although we have been recognised for the support we provide and the way in which we work with apprentices we are also aware we want to continue to improve. Since our Accolades win we have been reviewing the scheme, seeing where we can do better, ensuring that apprentices continue to have that positive impact, not just on the clients they work with but that their enthusiasm and energy motivates staff.

The benefits we have seen across the organisation after winning an Accolade is best summed up with this quote from a service manager:

I believe St Mungo’s apprentices have and bring high energy into a demanding environment, supporting service improvement along with sustainable employment and progression opportunities in the sector. They enable the skills of existing staff to be improved supporting high quality, safe and effective support and care for our clients.

To find out more about St Mungo’s visit www.mungos.org or follow them @stmungos.

To enter the Skills for Care Accolades 2018 go to www.skillsforcare.org.uk/accolades.