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Accolades winners share what they do to recruit the right people

Posted: 14 February 2019
Right at Home (Derby) provides companionship and support to allow people to live quality lives in their homes and to access services in their community. They were the winners of the ‘Best recruitment initiative’ category in Skills for Care’s Accolades awards 2019.

They focus on recruiting people with the right values, and they invest in a robust process to do this. Their recruitment needs are established by the requirements of their customers and potential customers making enquiries about their services. They have a controlled growth plan in place to allow for measured and sustainable recruitment and have a target customer/client ratio of 1:1.

Every staff member has a development and succession plan so they can train to step up into team leader and manager roles. This approach allows the business to scale up as demand increases or if somebody gains an external promotion.

Their quarterly staff retention has been over 90% for the past two years, which allows Right at Home to maintain their high standards and recruit on values and ethics.

Attracting candidates

Right at Home believes attracting candidates starts by making sure it’s a place that people want to work. They consult with their staff to understand what makes them happy and want to stay with them.

They use their staff and customers in their promotional images, messages and videos to show potential candidates what it’s like to work for the organisation, and have a company webpage with real reviews from current employees.

When they recruit new staff, they prefer to get recommendations and referrals from partner agencies and existing employees than do paid advertising, because the values, ethics and retention of these people have proven to be far higher. Staff are incentivised to recommend people with an immediate cash-bonus and an additional amount when the candidate has passed probation.

Right at Home is part of Skills for Care’s I Care…Ambassadors scheme to help potential recruits make informed decisions about joining their organisation. They use this, and the fact that they’re an ‘outstanding’ provider, to attract the right people and promote the successful team that candidates could be part of.

They work in partnership with the University of Derby to assist its health and social care, nursing and medical students to gain real life experience with customers. They also work with long-term unemployment agencies to help people gain confidence and experience in work.

They’re successful in attracting older adults who may have finished a career, or whose children may have left home. The organisation provides them with the opportunity to work in their local community with flexible hours and with the stimulation and fulfilment they’re looking for at their stage in life.

Selecting for values

The organisation has a commitment to high standards and uses a thorough process to select the right people.

All applicants are routed through Right at Home’s own jobs board and applicant management system which shows their company culture, available positions and application process.

Candidates are asked to complete a psychometric profiling exercise designed specifically for the care sector. It looks at values, commitment, ethics, compliance and honesty to understand their characteristics.

They also ask applicants to complete an application form in the office to test people’s ability to complete documentation to the required standard for the role.

Interviews consist of evidence-based scenarios to help understand the candidate’s values. If the candidate shows potential, they’re introduced to either the registered manager or owner for an informal chat. They involve their customers in the recruitment process to help match new recruits to individuals.

Improving quality and retention

A consistent team of motivated and committed staff has a massively positive impact on the care provided to their customers.

They monitor customer and staff satisfaction levels on an ongoing basis to ensure actions are taken to address any concerns.

In the time it has been measured, staff retention has averaged over 94% per month, and staff absence (sickness etc.) has reduced.  

During the same measured period, average client duration in service (the length of time they’re a customer) has steadily increased, as has the average call time duration with each customer.

They monitor the reasons why clients no longer require their services so they can make improvements where needed. The number of people who said that they have left because they’re ‘unhappy with carer or service’ has reduced from 3% to none in the past 12 months.

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