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Adult social care educators meet the Queen

Posted: 2 July 2018

V__19E5Skills for Care was asked by the Department of Education to nominate organisations in our sector who would represent the wide variety of people working in further education to attend a royal garden party at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen.

Geraldine Donworth, who is industry manager for care, health and childcare with City & Guilds, reflects on a very special day celebrating people who support learning and development across our nation.

I made my way with some excitement to Buckingham Palace along with Dionne Broughton, from awarding organisation Pearson, and Janice Rhodes, from Independent Training Services - a Skills for Care, Centre of Excellence endorsed learning provider. Not surprisingly we had a fabulous afternoon at the Queen’s garden party held in the grounds of the world famous palace, but in all the glitz and glamour (including me, of course) I wanted to remind myself of why I was there.

Skills for Care were kind enough to nominate me to attend, saying that it was in recognition of my contribution to further education in adult social care. What an honour for me and also as a recognition of all the work everyone at City & Guilds does across adult social care.

So, how did this happen? Well, I have worked in vocational education for getting on 30 years and in the sector for longer. In that time I have always been passionate about training staff in care to be the best that they can be. That’s because it is so important that people who need care and support at some time in their lives get the best possible experience and outcomes.

When I was lucky enough to be presented to Her Majesty, the Queen, I couldn’t resist saying how important it is that we have staff working in adult care who have the right values, attitudes, knowledge and skills gained through high quality training and qualifications ensuring respect for the individuals they are working with.

That’s my passion and why I do the job I do.

Janice also commented: “This was something I will remember and it was a fantastic day for my daughter with it being her birthday, it’s one she will remember.   My grandkids love the thought that Mummy and Grandma have seen the Queen dressed up in posh dresses. I would like to thank you for making this a very special memory for me and my daughter.” Dionne agreed it was a special day too.

So thank you, Skills for Care for the recognition of what our organisations do – it was an absolute pleasure.