May 18

Aspiring to the next level

Posted: 21 May 2018

lucy-blogContinuing on the theme of our #lovetolearn month and in the first of a two-part blog with her manager, we catch up with Lucy Doughty, company manager at Wirral Independent Living and Learning (WILL). She reflects on her involvement in Skills for Care’s innovative pilot that supports aspiring registered managers.

I joined Skills for Care’s pilot for aspiring registered managers last year, having recently been promoted from team leader to deputy manager.

My manager had seen the pilot promoted online and felt it would be beneficial for me. Making the step up to deputy manager, I knew I wanted to build my knowledge and confidence when it came to management. I had a look at the pilot and thought it was a great idea. 

The pilot included sessions with Skills for Care, the leadership programme ‘Lead to Succeed’, completing the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) and buddying with other learners. It was the interaction with other aspiring managers that I got the most from.

We built a lot of trust and respect as a group and this allowed us to speak freely; enabling us to support each other as much as possible. It wasn’t just about support either – listening to others and their experiences was important, interesting and motivating.

During the sessions I found that I took a lead in helping others, so this was empowering and gave me a lot of confidence. Although I was confident in giving advice to others, it was their confidence in me that made me believe in myself.

Taking a leadership role in the group, I was able to help others with their MIS and arranged an extra session on this, held at my company’s head office.

The relationships within the group were so positive that I set up a WhatsApp group so we could all talk as a group if we needed to. We’ve done this and it has worked really well. We’ve also met up independently of the pilot.

I’ve now become company manager and my journey, from support worker, to team leader, to deputy and then to manager, has taught me some incredibly important lessons.

My advice to anyone thinking about becoming a manager would be listen to others and accept support and help. A lot of people feel management is always about taking a lead. However, being a leader is also about empowering others.

And for employers or line managers? I have been very fortunate to get lots of support from my manager. It has been essential to my development. My advice is to remember that you are a role model and that to become a successful manager, anyone aspiring to the role needs support and the opportunity to work with others.

I think the pilot is an amazing opportunity for future managers and the confidence that my manager and other learners have shown in me has made me believe in myself.

Part two of the blog with Lucy's manager, Dave Large, can be read here. He talks about the importance of succession planning and supporting aspiring registered managers. 

Find out more about the aspiring manager pilot and how to apply for the second pilot that starts in September 2018, here.