Aug 17

Endorsing the Accolades

Posted: 17 August 2017

Developing the skills and knowledge of the adult social care workforce is vital in the development of high quality services and learning providers are key to making that happen. That's why Skills for Care created a category at our annual Accolades awards rewarding the efforts of learning providers on our endorsed list.

Royal Mencap Society's Learning and Development Manager Darren Sanders is clear that winning that Accolade matters in all sorts of different ways.

At Royal Mencap Society we are delighted to have been awarded the 2017 Accolade for Best Endorsed Provider of Learning and Development. I would really encourage anyone thinking about an application to the 2018 Accolades to apply. 

Although we are so proud to have won the Accolade the process of applying was really valuable. The application process and validation visit was a good experience in itself and gave us an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate what we do really well.

There is always more we can do to measure impact and this process gave us the chance to ask ourselves: ‘What is the real impact of what we do on our teams and people we support?’ and ‘Where's the evidence that proves this?’

It was important to us to make sure that Skills for Care Locality Manager Voyta Comek - who lead our validation visit - got a true sense of what we do. We arranged for Voyta to talk to people delivering training including our colleagues with a learning disability, people undergoing our induction and service managers. As a result we were delighted to be shortlisted in our category.

Winning the Accolade was the icing on the cake. What a great event and a rare chance for us to get glammed up and celebrate in style. Our team works so hard and always go the extra mile, and the Accolade was a great way to motivate the team and acknowledge everyone's achievement. 

Winning a national award was also great strategically as a way to raise our profile and communicate our achievement across the organisation. 

Darren Sanders, Learning and development manager, Royal Mencap Society


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