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Have you made a commitment?

Posted: 7 November 2016
It doesn’t seem like three years since the first employers signed up to the Social Care Commitment and since then more than 3000 have used the seven ‘I will’ statements to help them support people who have care and support needs to access high quality services.

That’s why we’re using Social Care Commitment Week 2016 - which kicks off on Monday 7 November - to celebrate the progress of those that have already signed up and also to encourage more employers to make the commitment.

As I travel around the country meeting employers I see for myself that what links outstanding organisations and workers is that relentless, never-ending commitment to high quality services. I know from my own previous experience as an employer that the quest for excellence never stops.

The Social Care Commitment is made up of seven ‘I will’ statements with associated tasks that everyone who signs up to the commitment needs to do. The key is that it is flexible enough to meet the needs of different employers. So it might be something that changes an employer’s thinking like ‘I will take account of potential employees’ values, attitudes and behaviours when recruiting new staff.’ Other employers might want to change their ‘I Will’ statement to how they can change another part of the way they work.

The other big plus of the commitment is that employees can sign up too with slightly different ‘I will’ statements and associated tasks. So an employee might say ‘I will always promote and uphold the privacy, dignity, rights, health and wellbeing of people who need care and support.’

Using the commitment to set out clear goals and shared values for everyone can only have a positive impact on the services you offer. Another plus is you can use statements and tasks as supporting evidence for Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection and CQC registered organisations will be listed on the ‘who’s signed up?’ page of the Social Care Commitment website and the NHS Choices website.

Don’t just take my word for it; we did an independent evaluation of the Social Care Commitment earlier this year and 93% of employers surveyed said they recommend signing up to others. That’s because amongst other benefits 67% said staff turnover had reduced, 65% reported that dignity in the care provided had improved and for 63% of employers there has been an improvement in how staff are trained and developed.

Employees said the most significant benefits of signing up are improving the quality of care they deliver which leads to a range of day to day benefits including improved training, common goals and better team work.

So if you want to join those employers already proudly displaying the Social Care Commitment logo all you have do is sign up online at www.thesocialcarecommitment.org.uk/signup or through our dedicated commitment helpdesk on 0845 300 9505.

During the week, we’d like to encourage employers to either sign up or publicly declare their commitment on social media by using the hashtag #SCCWeek. For more information on how you can get involved visit www.thesocialcarecommitment.org.uk/sccweek.

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