Oct 19

How to let people know about your vacancies

Posted: 21 October 2019

The launch of the new phase of the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) national recruitment campaign aims to drive people to consider and apply for a job in adult social care.

The campaign can raise awareness and drive interest to your organisation, but it's vitally important that you take action too. 

Research from DHSC showed that almost 40% of those surveyed who considered applying for a job but then didn’t, say they didn’t know how to apply. So, you need to make sure people know about your vacancies.

There are lots of different ways you can do this, and we have some ideas to help.

Use the resources from the national campaign

The campaign materials and toolkit are ready to download and use to localise in your area. These include posters, leaflets, videos and digital headers. 

The campaign toolkit offers a range of simple and straightforward things you can do including social media and website activity, events and local PR. Visit www.everydayisdifferent.com/resources.

Writing job adverts

It’s important to make sure you sell the vacancies you have available. Tell people what values you’re looking for in job adverts to show what’s important to you and attract the right candidates. For ideas on how to include values in your job adverts, see our examples.

Make your advertising unique and create a pool of adverts which target different types of people. Think about what you might want to see in an advert if you were the job seeker. Consider the motivation for applying. You could create different adverts for those seeking career progression, those wanting flexible hours and those who are career changers and track their success.

Advertising online

During the first campaign phase in early 2019, searches containing ‘care’ or ‘carer’ on the DWP ‘Find a job’ website were up 97%.

The campaign website features an online job search that shows relevant vacancies posted on the ‘Find a Job’ site. To make the most of the interest, advertise your vacancies on here, as well as your own jobs boards throughout the campaign. The more vacancies advertised, the more jobs there will be for people who have seen the advertising to view and apply for. Find out how to upload your vacancies here.

Referral schemes

We know from talking to employers that referrals and personal recommendations are some of the most effective recruitment drivers. Your staff are your most powerful advocates. They know your organisation’s values and may know people who’d be interested in working for you.

Encourage your staff to recommend friends and family they think would be a good fit by introducing a referral scheme. This is a low risk, low cost activity as you only reward staff when you’ve successfully. By recruiting people in this way, you’re more likely to find people who are more committed to working for you. You don’t need to limit to staff either, think about other stakeholders, such as family and friends of people who need care and support and professionals you work with.

Using social media

Social media can be a really beneficial way of spreading the word about your vacancies, especially if your staff can help to share the message with their friends and followers.

You could encourage staff to complete and share the ‘Could you care’ quiz on social media, tagging people they think would be great working in the sector and encouraging them to take the quiz and share further.

Job fairs and recruitment events

Your local community can be a great source of potential recruits. Attending job fairs and other recruitment events, such as visits to local schools and colleges, can help to reach many potential recruits at one time. Your existing staff are great advocates and people can learn a lot from them.

Sign up to our I Care…Ambassadors initiative and register your staff as ambassadors to share their own experiences of working in social care. They will then gain access to resources to help them confidently talk about working in social care and what they love about it. 91% of people agreed they had a better idea of what it’s like to work in care after hearing from an ambassador.

For more tips on letting people know about your vacancies, visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk/attracting.