May 17

Investing in top quality leaders and managers

Posted: 15 May 2017


Melanie Holloway from Metropolitan - one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing and care and support services – says it is vital to invest in your registered managers.

Registered managers have a very difficult job and Metropolitan recognises the need to put in place as much support as possible for them. We had previously signed our managers up to the Skills for Care’s National Skills Academy for Social Care, and the feedback we received was that they felt the resources made available to them were very useful. So it made sense for us to use the bulk join-up facility to sign a number of them up to the membership scheme.

The handbook is particularly helpful for new managers, as are the guidance and toolkits available online. Colleagues need to feel valued and have access to flexible support networks and resources. Being a registered manager can be a very isolating job, and everyone likes the opportunity to get advice and feedback from peers. It is important to give managers the opportunity to network and use professional relationships to help solve problems and improve their own services. 

A number of our managers attended a members’ mentoring workshop and the feedback was positive. We are developing our own internal mentoring programme – and managers who attended the recent workshop have ensured that this stays on the agenda, and are able to advocate the benefits of it.

The project is called Metrocademy and it is much more than a learning programme – it’s a whole new approach to person-centred learning, career progression and performance management which puts our colleagues in the driving seat.

We talk a lot about delivering choice and control for our customers, and Metrocademy will give our colleagues more choice and control over how they approach their career journey with us. It is a very exciting project and one that will not only draw people to work for Metropolitan, but also encourage colleagues to stay with us, progress professionally and forge a career for themselves. It is all about investment in our colleagues.

We know that becoming members of the Skills for Care’s National Skills Academy for Social Care, has worked for our registered managers so I would say to other employers it is certainly worth having a look at especially as the new Good and outstanding care guide for CQC inspections is now included in the offer.

To find out more about the benefits of joining the Skills for Care’s National Skills Academy for Social Care, and how to sign up visit here.