Mar 18

NICE adds value to registered manager network

Posted: 19 March 2018


Zoe Girdis (top) and Jade Fortune (bottom).

Jade Fortune, Implementation Facilitator and Zoe Girdis, Medicines Implementation Consultant, at NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), talk about adding value to a registered manager network in Reading. The team recently presented on NICE guidance, standards and support tools for managing medicines in the community and care homes.

We were really pleased to be invited to attend the registered manager network in Reading, following a session that a colleague had run at another network. With social care being a more recent addition to our remit, we really valued the opportunity to not only highlight how we can support the sector but also to gather insight into experiences of implementing NICE guidance and standards on the ground.

The session included a presentation on the recommendations from both guidelines, implementation, support tools and case studies. The network was already aware of the NICE guidelines and standards but wasn’t aware of the tools that NICE had developed to support them to implement our recommendations.

This was followed by a presentation delivered by our NICE medicines and prescribing associate, Sundus Jawad, who is a practicing Pharmacist, working with local care homes to improve the medicine management process. In her presentation, Sundus talked about a hydration project which has improved diagnosis and prevention of Urinary Tract Infections in care homes. By highlighting how our guidelines can be put into practice to deliver tangible outcomes, Sundus’s presentation was of real interest to the audience. It was clear that hearing practical examples from the frontline was inspiring others to think about how they could use NICE guidance to address some challenges in their areas.

The network was very engaged and interactive throughout the session, so we felt that we’d achieved the right balance between sharing knowledge of what NICE advises, as well as giving the network the opportunity to reflect, consider and discuss how they could implement changes in their own services and improve the care they provide.

All feedback was incredibly positive and we’ve since received a number of requests to deliver the session to neighbouring networks. Like most workshops, success is often a two-way process and to have a room full of enthusiastic registered managers who are keen to learn and implement best practice locally makes our jobs a lot easier!

For our part, we took away a much better insight into what was happening locally and some of the challenges people were facing on the ground. It was also valuable to highlight some of the great work being done in other areas and a great opportunity to meet the regional network lead for the area we cover. It was also really helpful to identify ways for NICE to work in partnership with Skills for Care.

If another registered manager network wants to hear from NICE,we would definitely encourage this and suggest getting in touch with the NICE field team.

Skills for Care facilitates registered manager networks that cover every local authority area in England. If you’re a registered manager, you can find your local registered manager network here.