Nov 17

Now what? CQC inspection continues to evolve

Posted: 8 November 2017

Rob HargreavesRob Hargreaves, Information Service Manager at Skills for Care, has been looking at the new focus of CQC inspection and how regulated care providers can best prepare.

Adult social care needs to continually improve or adapt with the times so change is inevitable.  Despite this, when the CQC announced in June 2017 that they were revising the focus of their inspections, some providers felt it was too soon. 

The CQC are the first to admit that the changes that came into effect on 1 November reflect evolution not revolution.  Phew!  Without major change regulated providers can target areas for improvement more easily.

What the CQC have introduced are refinements based on what they learnt from the inspection model introduced in 2014, including reflecting on employer feedback and the latest practice.   

So there is increased focus on governance, technology, systems and processes, legislation and guidance.  This does not represent a sea change in what was already important to the CQC…but the message is clear, you will need to evidence what you are doing…and crucially how this benefits the people who use your service.

Keeping people healthy is not a new focus either, but regulated providers need to be better prepared to show and tell how they are proactively promoting healthier lives.

Effective relationships with healthcare services, community organisations and other adult social care services is a common factor in many successful care providers so the CQC will want to be assured that you are (pro)actively engaged.

No care provider is perfect and mistakes will happen so the CQC is keen to know how you learn from these to strengthen your practice.  It’s not just about learning lessons but embedding the change - and documenting that you have done it.

The CQC also now provide more insight into what practice guarantees a requiring improvement (at best) rating. 

My work helping to compile our Good and outstanding care guide earlier this year highlighted too often (and often too late) that some seemingly good services were unprepared.  It was evident where managers and leaders were not familiar with the CQC Fundamental Standards, or what would be looked at during the inspection.  In response to this need, Skills for Care has developed a new one day seminar called ‘Making your inspection count’. 

Making your inspection count is aimed at registered managers, nominated individuals, quality assurance leads and others to help them understand the changes and be best prepared for their next inspection.  Recognising that each delegate attending will have different areas for improvement, the seminar will provide practical tools to help services to identify their needs and use our action plan template to implement them.

Skills for Care is also able to provide more bespoke support that draws on what we continue to learn from focus on what makes for good and outstanding care.

Book onto our ‘Making your inspection count’ seminar or learn more about our bespoke support here.