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Recruit high quality staff with I Care Ambassadors

Posted: 25 February 2019

I Care…Ambassadors are nominated by their employers to help raise the profile of the adult social care sector, by promoting careers in care through a range of activities.

As an employer, joining the I Care…Ambassadors initiative can help you with your recruitment and retention challenges. As well as promoting care careers, joining the initiative can help you to attract new recruits with the right values, alongside developing and retaining existing staff.

Benefits to staff recruitment

Our ‘Secrets of success’ research suggests that ‘word of mouth’ and ‘refer a friend’ are some of the most successful methods of advertising social care job vacancies.

This means that your existing staff play a crucial role in recruiting the right people for your organisation. I Care…Ambassadors can help to:

  • identify people with the right values and skills, as they know first-hand what qualities make a good care worker
  • provide a ‘flavour’ of what it’s really like to work in social care, meaning that potential recruits are better informed about the role before they apply
  • inform people about the career paths and opportunities available within social care
  • provide opportunities for workplace experience or taster days to give potential recruits an idea of what it’s like to work for your organisation
  • raise the profile of your organisation within the local community.

After hearing from an ambassador, 93% of people have a better idea of what it’s like to work in social care, and over a third said they were more interested in a career in social care as a result.

We know it works

Through the I Care…Ambassador initiative, we’ve found that numerous organisations have gone on to successfully recruit people with the right values and behaviours.

The Rectory in Taunton: “We haven’t advertised jobs since the initiative began”

The Rectory is a residential care home that supports people with dementia. Angela Hine, Registered Manager at The Rectory, says that joining I Care...Ambassadors has been valuable in supporting both the recruitment and retention of staff. She told us: “The I Care…Ambassador initiative has benefited the reputation of The Rectory as a great place to work – I haven’t advertised jobs in our care service since we started the initiative. It’s helped us to create a positive recruitment and retention culture. It helps us to attract the right people who are kind and compassionate and support our values. This, in turn, supports our residents who deserve the very best care from the best staff.”

Read the full case study here.

Resolve Care in County Durham: “Recruiting young people through I Care…Ambassador activity”

Resolve Care is an outstanding-rated service that provides residential care for male adults with a learning disability and/or autism. Being part of I Care…Ambassadors has helped them to recruit new staff, and recently they’ve recruited two young people following a visit to a local college. Graeme Stark, on their ambassadors, said:

“The college students said that our visit had given them a broader perspective and motivated them to think about different types of careers available. The college staff were pleased to see that the session had such a positive impact on their students who now understood the breadth of opportunities available. As we recruited directly following this activity, it shows it’s possible to recruit young people with the right values who can meaningfully contribute to the lives of people who receive care and support.”

Read the full case study here.

Leading Lives:The I Care…Ambassador initiative is essential in tackling recruitment challenges in the sector.”

Leading Lives supports people with a learning disability, autism and complex needs across Suffolk. Ruth Daynes is an I Care…Ambassador and believes the initiative is essential in tackling recruitment challenges in the sector. She told us: “I Care…Ambassadors are essential in bringing awareness to young people thinking about a career in social care, and can help contribute to the recruitment of these students in the longer-term.

“Social care is drowning in opinions and misconceptions - it’s vital that we break down barriers to careers in care and provide students with opportunities to ask questions.”

Read the full case study here.

Find out more

To find out more about joining the I Care…Ambassador initiative click here

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