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Recruiting for values and how to get started

Posted: 14 October 2019

Recruiting people for their values and behaviours helps to attract people who know what it means to provide high-quality care and support.

As the population grows, it’s never been more important to find and keep more workers who have the right values.

On any given day in adult social care there are around 122,000 vacancies with approximately 440,000 care workers leaving their job every year.

Our latest figures from the ‘Size and structure of the adult social care sector workforce in England, 2019’ suggest that we will need to fill another 580,000 job roles by 2035 if the workforce grows in-line with the population of those aged 65 and over.

The growing demand from people who need care and support in our communities. One way we can help meet this workforce challenge is by making sure as many employers as possible use values-based recruitment as a way of finding and keeping the right people.

What is values-based recruitment?

When providing care and support, it’s vital that this is done in a caring, compassionate way where the person is treated with dignity and respect.

Values-based recruitment is an approach where people are recruited based on their values rather than the skills and qualifications they may have. This approach consists of:

Identifying and embedding workplace values – this involves establishing your own workplace values and embedding them throughout your organisation. Your workplace values are integrated into job advertisements, job descriptions and person specifications in order to attract the right people to your vacancies.

Identifying candidates’ values – once the desired values for the job role have been identified, the application and selection process will help you identify candidates with matching values.

Our values define us. They influence who we are, what we believe is important in life, the way we live and how we treat people.

In the workplace they are the guiding principles linked to behaviours that help people deliver exceptional care and support.

We know that using this approach does work. Feedback from employers is that for £1 invested in a values-based approach to recruitment there is an estimated £1.23 return. Staff turnover is lower (Survey findings:19% rather than 24.6% using traditional methods and 62% of staff recruited for values have lower rates of sickness and absence). Employers have told us that recruiting for values also contributes to better staff performance.

How can we help?

We've lots of tools and resources to help you recruit people who have the right values for your organisation and the adult social care sector.

  • Our new video animation provides a good introduction to values-based recruitment and highlights the benefits of using this approach.
  • Order free copies of our Recruitment key cards which include four simple steps on how to use a values-based approach to your recruitment.
  • Getting started workshops - If you want to know how to get started with this approach, come to one of our free workshops taking place across the country.
  • To see the benefits of using this approach. Download our Secrets of success infographic.

We've lots of tools and resources to help you recruit and retain people who have the right values for your organisation and the adult social care sector.

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