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Recruiting the right people: a round-up

Posted: 28 November 2019

During October and November, we’ve been supporting employers to recruit people with the right values to work in adult social care. Here’s a round-up of the campaign.


Recruiting for values

We ran a Facebook poll to see what you thought was most important when taking on a new staff member, and a huge 95% of you said values were more important than skills*.  

The values that someone has can make a big difference to the delivery of high-quality person-centred care. We’re pleased to see from these results that when recruiting, employers agree that values should take priority over skills.

 “Candidates must have the right values and beliefs. If they have the values, we can teach the skills.” Nikki Long, Right at Home Derby.

Watch this video where people share what it feels like to receive care and support from those who have the right values.


Attracting people

The Department of Health and Social Care launched their second wave of the national recruitment campaign in October, and we’re helping employers to benefit from the interest generated from this campaign by:

 Read how Roselands Residential Home transformed their job adverts and increased the number of applications they received as a result.


The application process

We looked at what employers could do to make their application process more effective and attract people with the right values. See our top tips for application forms:

  1. Make it clear what your workplace values are and the values you’re looking for in candidates.
  2. Make it clear that successful candidates will receive full training and support to gain any necessary skills.
  3. Don’t ask about protected characteristics such as age, race, gender etc.
  4. Remove the criminal record ‘tick box’ and ask for information later.

 Read this case study where Nikki Long from Right at Home Derby talks about how they use a values-based approach to their application process.


The selection process

Involving people who receive care and support and existing staff can help employers to select the right people. Involving existing staff can help to recruit people with the right values that will be a good fit. Existing staff are the best advocates and they know first-hand, what the role involves.

People who need care and support know what ‘good’ looks like and can help to identify the right candidates with the right values. Download our free resource here.

Read our article here which looks at what else you can do to select the best candidates.


Seeing potential 

Recruiting the right people also involves removing barriers to recruitment which may unintentionally exclude people, including those who have convictions.

To understand more about employing people with convictions in adult social care, sign up for one of our free workshops which helps employers to understand their rights and responsibilities when dealing with criminal record checks.

The workshops address the balance between safeguarding people who receive care and support as well as identifying any barriers to recruiting people with the right values.

28 January 2020 - Wolverhampton

06 February 2020 - Bristol


I Care...Ambassadors

Employers can nominate their staff to become I Care…Ambassadors. This can help you build links in your community and support your recruitment activities.

Watch this video where Resolve Care talk about how being involved in the initiative has helped them to recruit new staff.

Read how The Rectory created a positive recruitment and retention culture by using I Care…Ambassadors, and how they haven’t had to advertise for a job since joining.



*Facebook poll results: 300 for values, 16 for skills (17 October 2019).