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Recruitment breakthrough at Roselands Residential Home

Posted: 24 October 2019

Roselands Residential Home were experiencing a very low number of applicants to their recruitment adverts. This was despite there being over 400 advert views on the job website, which only generated one application.

It was clear their current approach to recruitment could be improved. They were keen to explore what could be done to boost the number of applicants to their care worker vacancies.

They wanted to create opportunities for people without experience or qualifications but whose values matched those of Roselands, and recruit people who were compassionate, courteous and considerate with a genuine passion for working in social care to ensure the delivery of high-quality care.

Two members of the team, Wendy Cameron, Managing Director and Karen Swain, Registered Manager, attended Skills for Care’s ‘getting started’ workshop in July 2019. They wanted to discover how they could attract people to the sector by promoting the types of values potential recruits would need to possess.

The workshop encouraged them to revisit their values and change their practices, as well as be more creative with their recruitment.

Reviewing their values

After attending the workshop, Roselands made several changes to their recruitment processes. They started by evaluating their existing values and involved their staff team so that everyone was included in the process. They did this through supervisions and structured ‘reflection huddles’ where staff were involved in discussing workplace values. The feedback was evaluated, and the findings were used to form the new workplace values which were reflected in Roselands mission statement and recruitment process.

Updating their adverts

Wendy said: “At the workshop we spoke about the effectiveness of recruiting through advertising and how our recruitment advertisements are worded. This gave us some food for thought as we had an advert in the local press which was generating very little interest. We realised that our adverts needed to stand out and emphasise the types of values required for the role rather than focussing on the hours and experience required.”

Roselands changed the wording on their job advert to read: ‘Are you caring, compassionate and interested in considering a career in social care?’ The job role, the shift pattern and hours weren’t stated in the advert, but they mentioned there would be training and development opportunities available.

The impact

After changing the advert, Roselands received a significant increase in enquiries. They immediately recruited two people for care worker roles, and now have a waiting list of people who’d like to be notified of any further job opportunities.

The new advert was also successful in attracting a support organisation to get in touch regarding potential employment opportunities for the people they work with currently under-represented in the workforce, who were looking to return to work after a period of unemployment.

Alongside those benefits of increasing applications, Roselands found that involving their staff when deciding upon their values really empowered them. Working in this way motivated staff which led to more effective team working. Making sure feedback is acted upon has been extremely motivating for staff and was also invaluable in making improvements.

Support from Skills for Care

We have practical resources to help you to recruit people with the right values.

  • Getting started workshop– tohelp employers understand the first steps to get started using a values-based approach throughout your recruitment processes.
  • Recruitment key cards - these include four simple steps on how to use a values-based approach to your recruitment so that you can recruit people who know what it means to provide high quality care and support.
  • Values-based video animation- this video highlights the benefits of using a values-based approach and includes information about how we can support you in your recruitment and retention practices.

Visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk/values.

Don’t forget to upload your vacancies to DWP’s ‘Find a Job’ site and make the most of the interest generated from the Department of Health and Social Care’s national recruitment campaign for adult social care. The more vacancies advertised, the more jobs there will be for people who have seen the advertising to view and apply for. Download instructions for how to upload.