Jul 16

Reflections on our latest board briefing

Posted: 28 July 2016

Moira GibbDame Moira Gibb, Chair of Skills for Care

Skills for Care board meetings are always lively affairs.

Our debates and discussions are challenging, which is as it should be as we are concerned with the state of adult social care which is under severe challenge at present.

Strong views are held by many with direct and recent experience on the ground - but we do not rely on that for our decision making. We get a report from our area based staff at every meeting about what the sector is doing, saying, worrying about or wanting to share.

So our board briefing, which offers us a chance to reflect on the key issues and challenges facing our growing sector, is a valued and valuable part of our meeting . In response to a request we are going to publish these regularly and you can read that briefing here.

I don’t think anything in the briefing will be a great surprise to anyone, from the financial pressures on care services through to recruitment and retention, which is not an abstract concept to any of our board members, but a day to day reality for them as providers.

Whilst it was good to see the impact our area teams are making it is clear there is much work to do. We need skills and experience to help us to do the best we can and we have just finished the process of looking for new board members. We had a very positive response with more people applying this year than in 2015.

We face some very tough and complex times ahead requiring the very best people, so I am looking forward to working with our new board members to put workforce issues at the heart of the debate about how we can make sure everyone can access high quality services.