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Social care leaders share how our 'Digital learning for managers' modules can support leadership and retention

Posted: 2 November 2021

Skills for Care’s ‘Digital learning for managers’ modules have been designed to develop aspiring and new managers.

Providing this opportunity for new and aspiring managers to develop and progress in their career can play a vital role in helping employers to retain staff, by allowing your team members to grow their career within your organisation.

87% of employers we spoke to felt offering learning and development opportunities improved staff commitment, and employers with a turnover rate of less than 10% told us that investing in learning and development was one of the key reasons that they managed to retain high levels of staff.

The modules also help managers and leaders to develop their skills and management techniques so that they can better support and guide their teams which can also help in supporting the retention of all staff, as good management is one reason that employees stay with organisations long-term.

What the course involves

The set of 11 short courses are based on the Manager Induction Standards and cover topics including communication, resources, and decision making. Each module lasts just 20-40 minutes, to make it as easy as possible for managers to find time to complete these among their busy schedules.

The content of the modules is designed to encourage aspiring and new managers to use their learning in the workplace and drive improvements to ensure a better level of service and a better place to work for everyone.

We spoke with colleagues across the sector to find out how they’ve been making use of these resources in their organisations.

Natasha Furness, Head of Learning and Development, Choice Support

Natasha told us that at Choice Support our ‘Digital learning for managers’ modules are used as part of management development programmes for registered managers, service managers, home managers, team leaders and senior carers.  Modules are also available for all existing managers to dip into.

Natasha highlighted that one element her team likes most about the modules is the fact that they’re short and not too onerous.  She says, “They’re manageable and bite-sized in a sector where there is somuch training.”

Choice Support also utilise a number of other leadership frameworks and learning resources including 'Lead to succeed' and the Leadership Qualities Framework.  The organisation finds that developing leadership behaviours across the whole workforce brings decision making closer to people accessing support and ultimately aligns with Choice Support’s purpose of ‘creating opportunities for people to be happy.’

Ray Kendall-Corry, Service Director, Creative Support

At Creative Support, the ‘Digital learning for managers’ modules are built into their induction programme for new managers – from senior support worker upwards.

New managers complete the ‘Digital learning for managers’ modules in advance of

a facilitated induction programme that focuses on the key lines of enquiry.  The digital modules allow learners to grasp some knowledge, focus their learning, and consider how it applies in their new role before getting started on the more in-depth programme.

Ray tells us that Creative Support find the modules to be an effective way to support new managers.  He says that the modules are “really helpful and the combination of videos and case studies work really well.” The organisation consistently receives positive feedback on the modules with teams being impressed with the interactivity and the combination of videos, activities, and real-life examples that people can connect with.   This keeps people engaged and caters for a range of learning styles.

Creative Support also use the Manager Induction Standards and Leadership Qualities Framework as part of their induction, and find they can align these with the organisation’s values and culture.  Registered managers also complete the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Adult Care.

Jane Manton, Group Head of Learning, Development and Specialist Support, Lifeways Group

Lifeways Group use the ‘Digital learning for managers’ modules within their residential and registered manager programmes.  They find that the modules provide new and existing managers with a baseline of understanding to then build on through their facilitated programme.

Jane says the modules are a great resource to achieve this baseline, and that they allow for a ‘deeper dive discussion.’ She finds the modules are thorough and comprehensive and valuable as a standalone course or as development upon other learning.  They also provide a good refresher for existing managers.

Lifeways also make use of other development opportunities for their managers to complement their in-house programmes, including the 'Lead to succeed' and 'Well-led' programmes, and utilise a range of apprenticeship standards from team leader to coaching professional to create a robust development offer.

To find out more about our suite of digital modules, you can visit our website. Alternatively, you can email WILD@skillsforcare.org.uk.


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