May 18

The benefits of being an endorsed provider

Posted: 3 May 2018

MLC Steve Embleton

As part of our Love to learn month, Skills for Care spoke with My Learning Cloud's Chief Cloud Steven Embleton, the market leader in delivering online solutions to the care sector, to discuss how the Skills for Care endorsement has benefitted My Learning Cloud.

Why did you want to become endorsed by Skills for Care? What did you want to achieve?

My Learning Cloud approached Skills for Care about implementing an endorsement framework back in late 2015 because we saw a need within the sector for someone independent to help support organisations on their buying decisions when it came to elearning.

We wanted to help organisations understand what good looks like, so I worked with Skills for Care in developing the endorsement framework to robustly measure elearning organisations against a framework.

Now, when a care home manager sees the Skills for Care endorsement logo, they can be assured of the quality of the elearning they are receiving. My Learning Cloud were the first organisation to be endorsed in 2016 and I am very proud of that.

What have the benefits been? Have you noticed this raise the profile of your business?

The Skills for Care logo is an immediate validation that differentiates us from our peers.

11% of our new business last year was generated by the fact that we hold the Skills for Care endorsement. Our customers were attracted to us partly due to this.

We've noticed an impressive return of investment with clients; at an event in London I spoke to the audience about My Learning Cloud and its affiliation with Skills for Care and instantly people's interest piqued.

When we attend trade events or visit potential customers, the fact that we are endorsed by Skills for Care reassures people that we provide a high-quality learning environment and elearning courses.

What has it meant for your organisation personally? Do your staff feel proud to work for an endorsed organisation?

Yes, we’re all very proud! It has removed a barrier to entry which is great.  We believe the Skills for Care endorsement has opened doors into organisations that may have been difficult to open prior to obtaining the endorsement.

It has allowed us to demonstrate our fantastic learning environment, its rich functionality and features as well as our suite of elearning courses and endorsed Care Certificate to organisations, safe in the knowledge that it has been recognised by an industry leading strategic body.

What you would say to others that have not signed up to the Skills for Care endorsement?

The bigger question should be why wouldn’t you sign up?! The ability to have someone regularly review your business, your model, the way you work, the way you develop, the quality – this is something that every business could benefit from. It keeps you focused and allows others to quickly see proof that you are developing and delivering great learning solutions.

Will you continue to renew? And how do you propose to use this endorsement status in the future?

Absolutely, we’ll continue to renew the endorsement each year. My Learning Cloud is always keen to highlight its difference. My Learning Cloud is about so much more than just compliance, and as we expand in elearning we hope to work closely with Skills for Care to offer the highest level of quality sector learning throughout the country.

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