Aug 18

We already feel like winners

Posted: 9 August 2018

Kim Corsine (Dimensions) B&WKim Corsinie, Head of Resourcing at Dimensions shares how important it is for us all to take a step back, reflect and be recognised for the things we do on a daily basis in social care. Dimensions were a finalist for the 'best recruitment initiative' in the 2018 Accolades awards.

In a funny way it doesn’t matter what actually happened on the night. Just having gone through the Accolades awards verification process means we already feel like winners.

Entering our work for an award felt a bit odd to be honest. We hadn’t thought about entering awards previously. I guess we had our heads down, playing our part in achieving great outcomes for the people we support by engaging, recruiting and retraining great staff. I think we all probably felt that we were just doing our job.

But you know what? By making us take a step back and look at our work, the awards process has actually helped us realise just how far we have come. It has helped us realise that our processes have taken a lot to embed in such a widely dispersed organisation. And of course, it has helped us feel good about what those processes do, day in, day out. That is something that really matters.

Answering each question helped us focus on the hard work and great initiatives of recent years which together mean our recruitment methods are inclusive, values based, proactive and crucially, effective. It’s been one big collaborative effort – encompassing people we support alongside operational teams and those in business support. They all deserve a mention.

Being shortlisted was pleasing but we weren’t sure what the verification visit would be like so we tried to retain our excitement. We had so much information, data and people to interview lined up, we were prepared for a full on inspection and were pleasantly surprised that it was a great experience. 

The verifier showed real interest in what we have in place and the outcomes they’ve brought to the people we support.  One of our quality consultants – an expert by experience who is supported by us but also interviews with us (amongst other things) was excellent during his interview. It was amazing to watch him describe his role with passion, talking about how he sees the values he looks for in interviews being put into practice in his support again brought home to us the impact of what we have put in place.

We're thrilled to become finalists. Raising our profile will help us attract a wider range of candidates which will give greater opportunities to find the exact right match for each person we support. 

Managing so many candidates, so quickly, in such a heavily regulated industry can be hard work and very demanding so this is a great boost and recognition for everyone.

I’d really recommend entering the Accolades and taking all that you can from the application process.  We learnt loads about ourselves and realised how far we’ve come.  Now it could be your turn?